John Stamos: ‘Quarantine Is Getting in the Way’ of Trying for Baby No. 2

John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh are trying for baby No. 2, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made them hit pause.

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“We’re trying to expand our family, but this quarantine is getting in the way. I mean, big time,” Stamos, 57, exclusively told Us Weekly, while promoting his partnership with Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Bread. “I’m currently in quarantine. This is my third time, actually.”

The Full House alum revealed in late January that he was exposed to COVID-19 while working on his new show Big Shot, and he had to self-isolate from the actress and their 2-year-old son, Billy.

“I’m grateful to the studio, Disney. They’ve been doing everything they can. They really are, but there’s only so much,” he told Us. “We get tested three or four times a week … If somebody tests [positive], everybody goes home, and that’s what happened on my day seven or something. This last time, no one else got it. So the technique works, but you know, I’m away from my wife and kid for 10 days.”

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He continued: “The first time was a false positive on the set. So it was done, it took three or four days to really confirm it. Then there was one before Christmas, which was, like, I got out of quarantine December 23rd or 24th or something. It’s hard.”

Stamos and McHugh, 34, have tried to explain the situation to Billy.

“I FaceTime Billy. He knows I’m here. And he started crying again. I want to cuddle, you know? So Caitlin said that I might have some germs and I don’t want to give them to him, but we don’t know yet because I have to be tested,” the former Fuller House star told Us. “And he’ll FaceTime, he goes, ‘Dad, you have no germs.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know, buddy. I’ll find out soon. I miss you. I miss swimming.’ So it’s difficult. But I think at the same time, we’re employing a lot of people and we’re being safe as we can.”

The You actor and McHugh welcomed their little one in April 2018, two months after tying the knot. “He’s very used to our attention. He’s been asking for a sister, I think, but I think it would probably eat up the kid for a while. It’s tough, because he’s not around a lot of kids these days because he can’t go to school. But they have play dates and he wears his mask. He’s really good about that,” he told Us. “I’ve been around kids my whole life, and I always wanted kids, and I thought I really knew kids. I thought I knew about being a parent. It’s so much harder than I thought to be a good parent. I can see why there’s so many messed up people in this world, because even if you do everything right, good luck. But it just takes so much time and so much patience and so much common sense.”

Stamos gushed that Billy is “a character” and his partner has been an “incredible” mom. “You can’t really leave him alone ever,” he added. “I cover as much as I can, but it’s been a lot. But it’s also the most, hands-down, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever, ever experienced. … He likes to do bits. ‘Let’s do a bit, dad.’ Then he walks into a wall. He loves this. I swing him on the swing set and I’ll say, ‘I’m just a dad. Not paying attention.’ And then, not paying attention, the swing hits me in the butt. He just laughs. He is the most joyful kid I’ve ever been around. He just loves to laugh, wants to laugh. He’s a very happy kid and he should be, cause he’s got good parents.”

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Stamos makes sure to choose healthy eating options for his family too, and recently partnered with Oroweat Bread. “During [the pandemic,] I was cooking for Billy. I think it’s called something specific, where you take a piece of Oroweat bread and you cut a circle in the middle of it and put it in a frying pan. And then you crack an egg right in the middle. So you have toast and eggs all in one. That’s his favorite meal,” he said. “I’ve been eating Oroweat for a long time. … My go-to sandwich on set is Oroweat bread and then turkey, lettuce and tomato, and that’s it. And it keeps me going. Every show I’m on. Sometimes I put it in the rider, where it’s like, I got to have this bread in my turkey sandwich.”

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