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John Stamos Jokes About the 'Dad Bod' He Has to 'Work On' Three Months Into Being a Father

John Stamos is embracing his “dad bod.”

The new father to son William “Billy” Christopher, whom he shares with his wife Caitlin, says that at three months into parenthood, he has not only started acting like a dad but he physically feels like one too.

“Have I turned into a corny old man? No. I’m not telling anyone to pull my finger,” Stamos, 54, joked to PEOPLE at the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate tasting. “I have embraced my dad fat stomach now. I’ve got a dad bod I’ve got to work on.”

The Fuller House star also admitted that, recently, he’s been sneaking chocolate once everyone goes to bed at night, but in general, he takes more of an “everything-in-moderation” approach to his diet.

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The actor and singer, who was close with both of his late parents (and even named his son after his father, who owned fast-food restaurants), recalled sneaking chocolates into the hospital for his mom Loretta when she was sick.

“To this day — she’s been gone over two years — but when we go home to the house, we’re always looking for a note from her or jewelry she may have left behind,” Stamos told PEOPLE. “We always find wrappers from the chocolate.”

At the event, the star asked which of the chocolate bars were considered an aphrodisiac. “I gotta make another baby,” he said with a laugh.

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The former General Hospital actor said that being a father has made him “realize what life is about.” In May, 32-year-old McHugh told Entertainment Tonight that she and Stamos were eager to have more children “ASAP.”

“I’ve done pretty much everything, and the one that’s sort of the most beautiful thing that you could do is have a child,” Stamos told PEOPLE. “I don’t feel that special — everybody has done it —  but you just realize how fragile life is, really, and how fleeting time is.”

He added, “I’ve always cared about the world and the environment and people and being good to each other, but now that I have a son that’s going to be in this world, you really want to make it a great place.”

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