Jessica Simpson Is Being Mom-Shamed for This Video of Her Son in a Pool

In our latest edition of "Fun With Mommy-Shaming Trolls," it’s actor and designer Jessica Simpson who finds herself in hot water — well, make that pool water. Simpson shared a sweet vacation video on Instagram of her husband, Eric Johnson, and their son, Ace, frolicking in a pool. What’s the problem, you ask? Ace has a broken arm — with a waterproof cast, mind you — and some followers thought the father-son fun was a little too rough. *Sigh* Take a look for yourself:

Ace, 4, busted his arm in June and doesn’t seem to be fazed by his injury in the least. As his dad launches him into the air, he whips out a full somersault before nailing a feet-first landing in the water. 

Simpson captioned the post, "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down. #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE."

Commence the howling of the trolls in the comments feed. You might want to take your blood pressure medicine first if you’ve got any:

"Wow — no wonder the kid has a broken arm."

"He’s throwing his child like he’s throwing a ball or an object. It wouldn’t be so bad if his arm wasn’t already broken. I see why people are concerned, it’s dumb."

"idk. I think any generation would not think it’s a good idea to flip a child around like that with a broken arm lol.. that’s just common sense ????‍??"

"Is that how he broke it to begin with?"

"That’s Scary! What if he hits his head on bottom of pool?"

"I had no idea it’s possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice"

Some truly nasty followers used the opportunity to embellish their judgmental responses with personal attacks on Simpson’s appearance and past gaffes:

"Dumb as hell. By the way, your face-work is obvious & sad."

"This doesn’t seem very smart to me but then again I know the difference between chicken and tuna…."

As ever, though, there were immediate defenders on the scene to protect Jessica’s honor:

"You realize he is being flipped into water right? They are not flipping him on concrete." (Excellent point.)

"I think it’s AWESOME that you and your husband are teaching your kids the difference between minor setbacks and enormous roadblocks. A broken arm with a waterproof cast means you cannot color or write properly, you cannot play football for 6 weeks, but you CAN, play with your Dad in the pool. I LOVE IT!"

"There is nothing wrong with this….As to why she is getting backlash is utterly ridiculous. They are having fun and the dad is right there with him so you tell me what can go wrong….You backlashing people are ridiculous"

"Let the kid be a kid! He does what boys do! At least he isn’t sitting in front of a video game eating candy and whining about his arm. Back in the 70s, we broke our bones, got them casted, and still rode bikes and climbed trees! No one said anything. Now everyone has to be so damn judgemental. The downside to social media!!!!!"

Simpson also posted a shot of Ace with his new cast — and first broken bone — a week ago. Judging from his grin, Ace is doing just fine, so all you haters can go gripe about some other celeb’s parenting now.

Yeah. As far as we can see, Ace is juuuuust fine. Keep on summering, Simpson-Johnsons.

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