Jessica Simpson Gushes Over Photo of "Yummy" Daughter in Leopard Print

Jessica Simpson’s daughter Birdie is 11 months today, and mama is proud AF. Simpson posted on Instagram to honor the occasion (are we honoring 11-month birthdays these days though? I guess in celebland we are), gushing over a pretty pic of her and her daughter all dolled up in leopard print — a photo snapped in classic black and white, of course, just to jazz up the elegance factor.

“This yummy Birdie is 11 months today!!!” Simpson wrote, never one to hold back on the exclamation points. “I can’t even believe how fast time goes, but when I think about it, I’m like, ‘Good Lord I have done so much in a year!!!’ Ha #BIRDIEMAE”

Simpson has never been one to hold back on the #BIRDIEMAE hashtag, either. Just look at this plum usage to kick off Birdie’s first Super Bowl (and, might we add, her epic — and also super leopard-y — first Super Bowl outfit).

And she’s not lying about having done “so much in a year,” either; she published her memoir, Open Book, in January 2020 and has been, well, an open book about her past experiences with sexual trauma and substance abuse. She’s even opened up to her kids about her history — especially her reasons for getting sober.

Simpson’s older kids Maxwell and Ace “know Mommy doesn’t drink wine because it makes her too silly,” Simpson told Buzzfeed News’ AM to DM. (We assume she’ll explain this to Birdie as well when she can, you know, understand words). “But for me, alcohol never made me mean. People didn’t know that I had a problem — they knew that towards the end it was getting to be too much, that I was not being myself and I wasn’t present in a room… So when I explained it to my kids, they really understood that Mommy is just living her best life!”

“It’s a conversation I’ve already had with them…because I knew that kids at school would talk about it,” Simpson told the outlet. “I knew that some headlines would be correct, some would not be correct, and it’s out of my hands. That’s why it’s so amazing to have my own written words because it’s my story, it’s my truth and nobody else can tell me how my heart feels.”

With such an honest and loving mom — and, um, such a chic-baby wardrobe — little Birdie Mae’s next 11 months are only bound to be sweeter.

In the meantime, does lil’ Bird’s leopard-print dress come in our size? Please?

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