Jessica Biel Says Thinking About Her Sons Going Through Puberty Is 'Terrifying' & Same

Jessica Biel spent a lot of time around teens while executive producing her hit show, Cruel Summer (season 2 premieres on Monday! — and it’s made her think about her own life. Namely, what it will be like when her sons Silas, 8, and Phineas, 2, become teenagers. Hint: she is not looking forward to it, which is so relatable.

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  • Jessica Biel Says It’s ‘Terrifying’ Thinking About Her Sons Becoming Teens

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    “I am devastatingly nervous about it,” Biel told Entertainment Tonight about her kids, who she shares with husband Justin Timberlake, growing up. “God, I mean it’s terrifying.”

    “What’s going to happen to these kids? What they have to go through with puberty, it’s hard being a kid,” she went on. “I tell my eight-year-old that all the time. I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s hard being eight. I get it.’”

    Yes, girl! I am in the same boat. My kids’ ages range from 1 to 5 ½, and I’m already nervous about puberty, too. The hormones, the changes, the body odors — it’s a lot to go through! I feel for them (and me!), and even though it seems far away, I know it’ll be here before I know it.

    Biel, who is doing her best to show empathy to her kids, also tries to get her eldest son to see that her age isn’t exactly easy either. But he doesn’t quite get it yet. “And then I’m gonna help him see that it’s hard being 41,” she added. “He’s just looking at me like, ‘What? You don’t matter.’” He’ll get it one day, though!

  • Jessica Biel Leaves the ‘Darkness’ at Work When She Comes Home to Her Kids

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    Biel opened up about separating work and home life when she was working on Cruel Summer. “It was a tough show, but I mean I have to come home and be a mom to these kids, so I leave it at work,” she told E! News. “I can do that well. That’s something that I’ve worked on for myself and I really want to be able to have that work, life separation. And my kids make my life totally insane and so fun and so full of love.”

    “So, that darkness doesn’t have any place for me at home and I leave it at work,” she added.

    I love that she prioritizes that family time and has practiced leaving the hard things at work. Not all parents work on thrillers like Biel does, but we can still relate to leaving the negativity or tough moments behind when we get home. 

    Biel also revealed that she will let them watch this show when their older, but another one of her series is off limits.

    “I told my oldest you can’t watch Candy, don’t do that,” Jessica told the outlet. “But Cruel Summer, yes. I think that this is a perfect show for them when they grow up.”

  • Jessica Biel Finds ‘Joy’ In her Kids

    Image Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Children's Hospital Los Angeles

    In Nov. 2022, Biel spoke to SheKnows about finding “joy” in her family. 

    “[T]hose little people bring you so much joy and bring out the best qualities in you,” she told us. “And you see the beauty in these little things that you’ve forgotten because of your adult brain. I think that’s probably the most surprising part.”

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