Jessica Alba Answered Cringe-Worthy Parenting Questions from Her Daughter in a Hilarious Video

Brace yourselves — things just got hilariously awkward between Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren and their 10-year-old daughter Haven. The family gathered together for a segment that featured Haven asking her parents some personal questions and we’re pretty impressed with the bravery of all the participants.

First up, the couple was told to pick their favorite child between Haven, Honor, 13, and Hayes, 4. “Whoever’s in front of us is our favorite,” Alba diplomatically responded. Warren went a different route. “Haven, you’re my favorite child by far,” he said.

Then, Haven asked how the two met. Turns out, Alba and Warren were introduced during the filming of Fantastic Four in 2004 and both were dating other people at the time. “I fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you,” Warren said. Cue Haven’s adorably embarrassed expression.

“Your dad had a legit girlfriend,” Alba added. “Your dad had to take Polaroid pictures of me with different various contact colors to see which ones were more realistic. That’s probably the one thing that I would take back, is not wearing the contacts. Although if I wasn’t wearing the contacts, you wouldn’t have been taking the photos of me and maybe we wouldn’t have made a connection.”

The actress went on to explain that Warren had allergies and sneezed in her mouth at one point. “When I get a boyfriend, if he does that to me, we’re breaking up,” Haven replied, horrified. Other topics included the laws that both Alba (and Haven!) have broken and just how mad the parents get at their kids.

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If you’re hankering for even more Warren/Alba family content, Alba’s YouTube channel is packed with plenty of fun videos — from a DIY Teacher Gift Basket tutorial with Honor to a Halloween-themed cooking show with Haven. Oh yeah, and there’s also a pretty intimate conversation between Warren and Alba where they discuss their daughter walking in on them at an, um, inopportune moment.

Keep those YouTube videos coming! We are so here for every single cringey, cute moment.

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