Jenna Jameson’s No-Workout Abs Trick Really Works: ‘I Despise the Gym’

Jenna Jameson Opens a New Window. is here to say she really did lose 80 pounds without working out — and, yes, defined abs are possible without spending hours at the gym.

“I feel weird when people ask me my workout routine. I feel like they won’t believe I lost all of this weight by diet alone. But that’s the truth,” the star posted on Instagram Opens a New Window. on Monday, February 4. “I wish I was an avid gym head, but I’m just not. I despise the gym.”

Still, the former adult movie actress — who lost 80 pounds with the keto diet Opens a New Window. and intermittent fasting — admitted she does have a defined core. And she was determined to help her followers learn how to get a six-pack without the gym too: “So let’s figure out how I have abs and look like I train daily.”

Jameson, 44, thinks her past focus on staying active helped her achieve her body goals. “I attribute a lot of it to muscle memory,” she shared. “I’ve been athletic all my life, plus a ballerina for a good part of it also. So once #keto took the pounds off, my muscles were underneath.” The author recently shared the updated daily keto menu Opens a New Window.  she follows for maintaining her weight loss.

While the mom of 21-month-old Batel — who told Us her daughter inspired her to lose weight Opens a New Window. and get healthy — said she tried to get into an exercise regimen at the gym and develop a yoga routine, she revealed she failed at committing to the activities. “Now I do things like power walks with Batelli to the market everyday [sic],” she noted.

As for her specific abs exercise, “I core strengthen by holding my stomach taught and flexing for as long as I can,” she said, adding that it helped her with her diastasis, a common condition of pregnancy in which the ab muscles separate. The theory behind the move is that tightening the abs tight helps the core muscles stay engaged and strengthen.

Jameson ended her Monday Motivation post with an inspirational message: “Bottom line, stay active, eat right, and live with gratitude and I promise you’ll see beautiful results without having to toil in the gym.”

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