Jeannie Mai's New Video Shows that Being a Mom Means You Have the 'Best of Both Worlds'

The fact is, Jeannie Mai just gets it, y’know? She understands that moms do the absolute most and need to be treated like Queens, that moms can be fabulous in designer one minute and then breastfeeding the next minute (while still looking great!) And her newest video only proves that fact further.

On Sept 20, Mai uploaded a Tiktok video with the caption, “I got the best of both worlds, man. 🙏”

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In the video, we see Mai stepping out of a hotel dripping in high-end clothes and jewelry, with the caption saying “Before.” Throughout the first half of the video, we see Mai strutting around New York in designer dresses, having brunch, going to Prabal Gurung, hanging out with buds at A-list parties, and dancing the night away!

Then we get to the “After, ” which is so dang relatable. In the first clip of the “After” section, we see her cuddling her and Jeezy’s daughter Monaco on the couch, followed by snapshots of Mai in no makeup while working, playing with Monaco in the kitchen, and even Monaco interacting with a tiny puppy! We also get adorable clips of them playing together and Monaco shoving her little baby fist into her mom’s mouth.

As we said, Mai gets it, and we love seeing her relatable and adorable content with her daughter.

Mai and Jeezy’s welcomed their first daughter on Jan. 11, 2022, named Monaco Mai-Jenkins.

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