Jeannie Mai's Latest Instagram Post Shows The Realities of Mommy Self-Care Rituals

Jeannie Mai is at it again, giving us the honest mommy content we love so much. This time around, she’s showing what her self-care routine looks like as a new mom.

On March 16, Mai posted a series of photos and videos to her Instagram called, “March dummmppppp.” In the caption, she wrote a numbered list to correspond with each photo, saying “2: Him: ‘hi what color today?’ Me: “Remind me she still a freak. 3: Using it as a bottle sanitizer is for basicssss. 4: stfu. 5. answering your qs on my IG live manana 4pm EST. 6. I just redecorated. 7. look mom we good!!”

A post shared by Jeannie Mai Jenkins 💍 (@thejeanniemai)

In the first photo, we see a topless mirror selfie of Mai showing off her shoulder tattoos and fresh nails. In the second photo, we get a video of her at the nail salon, getting the leopard gel nails, followed by a video of her mama using a humidifier, a silly video of them disassembling the Christmas tree, and a screenshot of questions her fans sent her. Then, Mai posts a snapshot of her breast pump station and ends on another hilarious screenshot of a text exchange between her and her mom, where they discuss baby poops.

Between the nails, support system, and sexy selfies, Mai knows how to treat herself like a Queen. These photos show how self-care can look like, especially as a new mama — and as always, we love Mai’s transparency.

The television host started dating rapper Jeezy, getting engaged in early 2020. They married a year later and in the same year, announced that they were expecting. On Jan 11, 2022, they welcomed their daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins into the world. Mai has been very open about all of her experiences as a new mom, specifically the tough parts like trying to breastfeed and feeling mom guilt.

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