Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ Daughter Monaco Has a Heart-Melting Morning Habit That You’ll Want To Steal

Motherhood has a way of making you stop and smell the roses. Sometimes, that means embracing the moment with your little ones and seeing the world through their eyes. Other times, it means literally stopping and smelling flowers like Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ 15-month-old daughter Monaco. The fashion expert shared a new video of her toddler during her regular morning routine, and your heart will melt at the cuteness.

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The little girl, who Mai-Jenkins shares with husband Jeezy, is wearing pajamas with a pillow backpack and a helmet as she toddles outside in the video. Monaco has a rock in one hand, and with the other, she leans down to touch some bright purple flowers. She feels them, then leans down and smells them, sticking her nose all the way in. What a sweetheart!

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Later in the video, Monaco has changed clothes and is smelling more flowers. At one point, she touches the flowers, then lifts her hands to her nose to take a big whiff of the flower fragrance lingering there. It’s absolutely adorable and such a good reminder. We should all take time in our day to go outside, get some fresh air, and just bury our noses in flowers. I mean, c’mon — what a way to start your day! Thanks, Monaco, for the beautiful life advice.

  • Monaco Learned Her Routine from Her Grandpa

    Image Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/JTMPhotos, Int'l.

    The Real host explained how her daughter developed her super-sweet morning routine in the caption.

    “My dad loves nature,” Mai-Jenkins wrote. “Every single day he walks to stop & smell the flowers.”

    Clearly, Monaco has been taking notes and wants to follow in his footsteps! “Now.. every morning, she begs to go outside so she can stop & smell, too 🥹🌻 @monacomaijenkins,” she added. Aww! We love that she watches her grandpa and wants to be just like him. 

  • This Adorable Video Pulled at the Heartstrings

    Image Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

    Fans loved this sweet video. 

    “Love this. May she always remember to stop and smell the roses 🌹,” one person commented. 

    Another wrote, “I love how she knows not to pluck the flowers but smell them from where they are♥️♥️♥️.” Seriously — that’s an amazing level of awarness and self-control for a toddler! 

    “This brought me so much joy and peace! Thank you for sharing!” one person said.

    “My HEARTTTTT just exploded,” someone else wrote, and yeah, ours too. This precious little girl is just too much, and we love it.

  • Monaco Is a Daddy’s Girl

    Image Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

    Monaco doesn’t just have a special bond with her grandpa — she also loves spending time with her dad. 

    “Daddy’s girl🫶🏽,” Mai-Jenkins captioned a post last month. Monaco is walking hand-in-hand with Jeezy, dressed like a mini fashionista in a cream sweater and tartan pants. Everything she does is too cute!

    If it wasn’t obvious from Mai-Jenkins’ posts, Monaco is adored by her family. “Monaco is next-level loved,” Mai-Jenkins dished to E News. “I used to say that I don’t want her to get over-spoiled, but I don’t think it’s such a thing to be spoiled with love. I don’t want her to be over-spoiled with material things, but love? Pour it all on.”

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