Jeannie Mai Jenkins’ Daughter Monaco Clearly Has the Best Time With Her ‘Funcle’ & Her Giggles Are Everything

TV personality Jeannie Mai Jenkins’ daughter Monaco may just be the luckiest little girl there is. The 1-year-old — who Jenkins shares with husband Jeezy — had the best time with her funcle (aka “fun uncle”), and we’re so glad Jenkins was there to get a video of it.

“It’s laundry day y’all 😮‍💨,” she captioned the post from today.

In it, Jenkins’ brother helps his niece walk over to a laundry basket. He then lifts her in, helps her put on her imaginary seatbelt, and puts the car in drive with the imaginary gear shift. He starts making the sound of a car revving, and Monaco — who looks absolutely adorable with a toothy grin and sparkly eyes — is already making excited little shrieks and saying, “Yay!”

Sir Funcle then lifts the front of the basket up before taking off at full speed down the “track” (read: Jenkins’ hardwood floors). The little girl has the biggest smile on her face as she’s “driven” around the house by her funcle who is making crazy turns and making car engine sounds the whole way.

At several points, Jenkins has to chase after the duo. Monaco even goes airborne, her tires screech as she makes tight turns, and she skyrockets off the kitchen table, giggling the entire way. And every time you think it’s going to stop (let’s be real, we would have stopped after half a lap to catch our breath), he just keeps going.

Fans are freaking out over this video because oh my god the cuteness levels are Off. The. Charts.

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“The GOAT of uncles ❤️!!!”

“Mad props to uncle bc anyone that has pushed around a laundry basket it ain’t easy. That round lip is not meant for fingers.”

“The fact he is ‘Tokyo Drifting’ her in that basket 🧺 is EVERYTHING!!😂👏🏾”

It’s clear that Monaco and her uncle have such a special bond and match each other’s energy so well. Meanwhile, anyone will tell you she physically matches her dad! … Or maybe her mom! There’s some serious controversy. But you know what there’s no debate about? The fact that we loved this video and can’t wait for all the uncle-niece shenanigans to come.

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