Jason & Kylie Kelce Want Their Parenting Critics to Know It's Just Not That Serious

Jason and Kylie Kelce have frequently faced criticism on social media for the way they show up as parents for their three daughters, and the couple wants their haters to know it’s just not that serious. And honestly, it’s really not.

After the NFL sweetly shared a video of the Philidelphia Eagles center playing with his eldest girls on the football field after practice, many keyboard warriors painted the interaction as Jason “playing fetch” with the two tots.

Then, when Kylie shared a satirical video about her husband’s “labor support person” skills while she was in the hospital to deliver their third baby — during which she pokes at her husband for eating a bagel while she wasn’t allowed to have any food, among other things — the internet showed up in a blaze of fury once again to comment on how self-absorbed they perceived the footballer to be.

During a new interview with People, the couple shared their (mostly) unbothered reaction to social media’s vitriol. Jason told the outlet, “We’re all about positive energy. I think I’m used to people criticizing me, so I don’t respond that much.” He added that Kylie’s reaction sometimes airs on the more irritated side of the spectrum, particularly when people talk poorly about his abilities as a dad.

All things considered, the Kelces are ” just trying to have fun.” The NFL player explained, “Online, there’s a way to interact like never before because of social media and all these forms of fan engagement. We like to have fun with it.” Kylie chimed in to say, “We would rather make light of the situation. The same way that people thought that the TikTok of Jason during labor was funny. It’s just really poking fun at the situation.”

She continued, “Did I think he should be standing by my bedside, holding my hands and staring at me the whole time? Absolutely not. … We find better energy in the idea of poking fun at it than taking it seriously and getting legitimately defensive.”

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Jason and Kylie share three daughters: Wyatt, 3, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett Llewellyn, 6 months.

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