Jamie Chung on Being a 'Twin Mom' — & Her Best Advice for Introducing Your Newborn to the Family Pet

There are many perks to having a fur baby, from the much-needed cuddles to lifelong companionship. They quickly become an integral household member, and you can’t picture your family without them. Then enter another little one into the picture. Except for this: It’s a newborn baby. The transition between your fur-baby meeting and your other baby can be tricky, and actress Jamie Chung is all too familiar with it. 

From portraying a Disney princess in Once Upon a Time to a young nurse during the Korean War in Lovecraft Country, Jamie Chung’s acting career spans over a decade of work. But now the television and film star has a new role to embrace –– Mom.

On October 24, 2021, Chung and her husband Bryan Greenberg announced they welcomed twin boys. The couple already had an adorable fur baby named Ewok and quickly recognized they needed to introduce their cute, furry friend to the twins. And that’s precisely why she’s partnered with Huggies to help new parents navigate this time. 

This partnership’s mission is to help acclimate your four-legged “kids” (of the dog variety) on what to expect when a new baby arrives.

SheKnows talked to Chung about her fur baby’s first time meeting her newborns, how parenthood has impacted her, and balancing work and mom life. Keep reading to learn more about what the Big Hero 6 star had to say!

SheKnows: How was Ewok’s first experience with the twins?

Jamie Chung: I wish we’d read all the books and listen to podcasts to prep our dog for the babies. We were like, “Maybe we can go to the park and borrow someone else’s baby.” Not a good idea. Don’t do that. We didn’t do that. Dogs are sensory, and they believe that you’re a pack. So if you bring a new pack member into your home, it’s important that you get them used to sounds, smells, and items that you’re going to have around the house that is new. 

SK: So, did having Ewok prepare you for your twins? And what’s it like to raise twins?

JC: Okay, let’s start with Ewok. First, Ewok is my number one baby, and he will always be number one. So when it was [time for] crate training, you have these instincts where you think you hear the whimper or crying, you’re like, “Okay, Ewok needs to get out of the cage… And then when they cry at night, you have to take them out to the backyard immediately.”

So it certainly is a great length baby Crash Course. But having twins and a human baby? It’s just it’s on the next level, and like no matter what people say or how much you prepare yourself, I don’t think you’re ever really prepared until you do it.

SK: Your twins are nearly 8 months old. What are their personalities like so far?

JC: One kind looks like me… He’s always gotta be doing something, and he’s easygoing with people. And then we have another baby boy that looks just like Brian. And he’s just smiling and laughing. He’s got quite the personality. Like he’ll laugh at anything. He makes us feel like the funniest people on Earth. But he’s very sensitive. So very different personalities!

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SK: What has surprised you most about parenthood?

JC: So I think I fought it for a long time because I feared losing my identity. As a working person and seeing my mom who did everything for us. She is the hardest worker I know. She worked two jobs, you know, bought the house, kept a roof over our heads like she did everything for us. But she kind of lost her identity. And so I was terrified of that. I think the surprising thing is that you find a great balance.

Of course, your kids come first, and the safety and well-being of your kids come first. And I have spent so much time with them. I’ve not worked, and I’ve embraced it. Something clicks, and you just get it, it becomes a part of you. There’s no looking back…because this feels so natural and wonderful.

SK: What advice do you have for first-time moms trying to balance between a career and mom life?

JC: I think when you take a moment to yourself, whether it’s the first few months, like to shower or get a massage; it’s important not to lose yourself. It’s so easy to get far behind in housework. [But] it’s really important to be patient and take it slow. But also to take moments for yourself. I think that’s a real balance.

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