Jamie Chung Admits She Used a Surrogate Because She Was 'Terrified' of Pregnancy

Everyone expects labor and delivery to be difficult, but a mother has to go through a lot in the months before and after her baby is born, too. It’s hard on your body to grow a human! Jamie Chung knows this all too well, and in a new interview with TODAY, admitted that she was “terrified” of pregnancy. Because of this, her and her husband Bryan Greenberg used a surrogate to have their 7-month-old twin boys.

“I was terrified of becoming pregnant,” the Dexter: New Blood star told TODAY. “I was terrified of putting my life on hold for two-plus years.”

Because it’s not just the nine months of pregnancy — women also have to go through major body changes, hormonal shifts, lack of sleep, and more in the postpartum period. And for someone whose job is so image-focused, this can be especially challenging.


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“In my industry, it feels like you’re easily forgotten if you don’t work within the next month of your last job,” she added. “Things are so quickly paced in what we do. So it’s a compromise that we made together as a couple.”

The couple had hidden this decision for a while, due to the stigma around surrogacy. “I think there’s a little bit of shame,” she told TODAY. “It’s still not a very common thing and we weren’t ready for judgment. We really just did it to protect ourselves. We announced things when we were ready to.”

Unlike couples who choose surrogacy because they can’t get pregnant any other way, the Reunion actress was worried people would judge her for feeling “vain.”


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“People probably think, ‘Oh, she’s so vain. She didn’t want to get pregnant,’ and it’s much more complicated than that,” she told TODAY. “For me, personally, and I will leave it at this, it’s like, I worked my ass off my entire life to get where I am. I don’t want to lose opportunities. I don’t want to be resentful.”

In an interview with PEOPLE in January, Chung admitted she suffered with postpartum depression. “I felt quite guilty feeling certain things that I felt,” she said. “And just knowing that it’s normal and it’s just because you’re overwhelmed and you’re full of anxiety and it’s a scary transition for some people.”


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On Mother’s Day, Chung shared an update on how she’s been “surviving” motherhood, and it is so real. “Since the birth of my little stinkers, I have a new profound appreciation for mothers,” she captioned a funny Instagram photo of her baby with his foot on her face.


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“So to all the mothers out there that survived another day, you’re DOING GREAT!” she added. “Surviving is thriving, you roll with the punches (and kicks), laugh when times feel difficult, have a glass of wine, and then get up the next morning only to do it all over again. Occasionally something magical happens; a smile, a laugh, a connection and you’re sucked right back in.”

Being a parent is challenging, no matter what your journey to have a baby looks like. Chung’s openness about the more difficult parts of motherhood is so refreshing to see!

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