It's Actually Possible to Get a Mess-Free Baby Footprint

Whether you’re the scrapbooking type, or a less-organized but still sentimental parent, you may be considering how to get the perfect tiny newborn footprint onto paper. Maybe you’ll even be using it for a tattoo one day. This used to be an easy feat, since hospitals would automatically stamp your baby’s feet for identification purposes, but that’s become obsolete. That’s fine, because it’s totally possible and perfectly safe to get a clean stamp right at home — and have a little squirmy baby fun while you’re at it.

According to award-winning parenting author Kathy Fray, you should try to get the stamp ASAP after they’re born — because babies grow quickly.

“Babies typically put on 2 to 2-1/2 lbs in their first month, so I’d try to do it by Day 5 to 10 at the latest to manage to truly get their cutest, weeniest footprint,” Fray tells SheKnows.

Baby footprints in paint or ink?

Patch-test first!

Tips to get that close-to-perfect stamp

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