If You’re An Aquarius, Ask These Questions On The First Date

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By Preston Smith/Aug. 31, 2021 5:28 pm EDT

You can think of the zodiac as bossy, or you can think of it as a guide to a life in which you get the most out of your time on this planet as possible. When it suggests that an Aquarius, for example, marry a certain kind of person, complete a specific self-care routine, or even take care of your mental health in a certain way, it isn’t trying to micromanage you. Instead, the stars are telling you ways in which your life can be improved, ways in which you’ll be spiritually fulfilled.

For an Aquarius, it can be hard to find fulfillment. Aquarians are independent, intelligent, and strong-willed, and therefore wanderers that need to find their fulfillment all on their own — or they at least think it needs to be on their own (via The Times of India). When they ultimately decide to date, then, they must forget their prior inhibitions and fully settle into a rhythm that may be hard for them at times. It will be worth it, though, especially if they’ve found the right partner.

To find the right partner, Aquarians need to be practical. Practicality is in their very nature, and to do this when dating, they need to have a specific set of questions ready to ask on first dates. This filtering process will be crucial for an Aquarian’s long-term goals and mental well-being.

Aquarians should ask these questions of a potential partner

Aquarians are pensive and can appear cold to others even if they’re perfectly fine. This can make dating for them, as others will often think something’s wrong even if it’s not. According to Bustle, it’s “not uncommon for someone dating an Aquarius to feel like they’re dating an emotionless rock.” This is why the first question an Aquarius should ask on a date is how this person approaches relationships and feelings. Aquarians need space at times, so if this person needs to be around them 24/7, the relationship won’t work.

Moreover, they should ask how easily the other person’s feelings are hurt. Aquarians are also blunt, meaning their words come out unfiltered, leaving room for others’ feelings to get hurt if they take these words too seriously. Aquarians need to know that the other person understands their intentions.

At the same time, an Aquarian should ask this person about their interests. While this may seem simple, it’s important because Aquarians are incredibly passionate about their interests, so they need to know that the other person will match their excitement (via Paired Life). If the other person isn’t interested in what the Aquarian has going on, the Aquarian will lose interest.

For an Aquarian, life is about discovery. Because of this, Aquarians are simply always going to be looking for sense of this in their partner.

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