If You’re A Leo, Ask These Questions On The First Date


By Camila Barbeito/Sept. 10, 2021 3:08 pm EDT

Getting ready for a first date can include having butterflies in your stomach and making lot of decisions on what to wear. As you pull out 20 options from your closet and seriously debate investing in a new wardrobe, you may be sending your date’s Instagram profile to your BFF group chat. While they “ooh” and “aah,” you might start thinking about the age-old question: Is there going to be chemistry? Even if you’ve already connected on a dating app or have had a romantic comedy-esque meet cute, the first date can make even the most confident person feel anxious.

Whether you fall in love and tell your grandchildren about it 40 years from now or not, the first date should work as a way to gauge future compatibility. Of course, no one wants to overthink a casual coffee meet-up too much, but you don’t want to waste your time either. Even if your date makes you laugh and you both love cappuccinos with a bit of cinnamon, making a relationship work in the long run means agreeing on major lifestyle choices. While we tend to get caught up in the little things, like tastes of music and favorite foods, the big questions are much more crucial in staying happy down the line. If you’re a Leo, you need someone that will love your wild ferocity while kindling your softer side, so here are the best questions to ask.

Do you like luxurious dates?

It’s no secret Leos are all about the lavish life, and will take any opportunity to get pampered or revel in luxury. While most Leos are just fine indulging solo, there’s nothing you love better than being able to enjoy decadent date nights with your partner. Bring on the finely-aged wine, caviar, and lobster, because Leos want it all! For this sign, ending up with a partner who prefers camping (not glamping!), backpacking around hostels, or eating in can seriously clash with your high life sensibilities.

As per Allure, Leos are the royals of the zodiac and preside over the astrological wheel like the majestic, regal lions that symbolize them. Leos are also fire signs — meaning they’re vibrant, intense, and passionate (via The Cut). This sign isn’t for the faint of heart, and you gravitate towards über-romantic date nights, especially five-star candlelit dinners under the stars.

Whether or not you and your date decide to go all-out for the first meet-up, talk about your favorite things to do. They might be a foodie who also loves traveling to new places just to try a restaurant, or they might really just like cooking simple, to-the-point meals at home year-round. While you can always meet halfway, Leos need a bit of opulence.

Do you love fashion?

Just like Leos can’t live without a high-profile dinner and drinks situation, it’s no surprise they also love poring over fashion magazines, being well-dressed, and having tons of shopping days at the mall. This sign is known to impress everyone around them as soon as they walk into a room (via Allure). Leos will also make a point of keeping up with the latest trends, and can probably be spotted currently wearing TikTok-approved cargo pants, Y2K lip gloss, and the perfect Carrie Bradshaw-esque baguette bag.

Sure, Leos can be materialistic, but that doesn’t mean they’re shallow. They also care about others and will always vouch for their loved ones (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Still, in their minds, a great outfit never fails. Just like Louis XIV couldn’t live without opulent fabrics and luxurious designs in his heyday, according to The Atlantic, and Reference states that Cleopatra loved donning snake cuffs made of agate and amethyst, Leos have always loved a good fashion statement.

If you’re a Leo, make sure to mention your love of fashion to your date and wear an outfit that’s as bold as your personality. That way, they get a glimpse of your true nature, and you can see if they’re willing to go on a shopping trip with you.

Do you like to party?

If you’re a Leo, this should come as no surprise: You love a great night out. You are the life of the party (via Elite Daily). As fiery as fire signs come, Leos make sure they’re at the top on any guest list, will always know someone at the door, and can come up with any excuse to celebrate.

So, where does your date come into the picture? Although it’s probably too early to tell, you need a partner who will jump at the chance to see a live show, go out to dinner, and paint the town red just like you. Ask your date what a typical weekend looks like for them. Is it on the quiet side, filled with reading, or is it chock-full of social events? While there’s something to be said about balancing your partying ways, you need someone who’s always ready for a good time.

Are you willing to take a walk on the wild side?

Leos are as wild as they come. They don’t overthink anything and are always willing to grab life by the horns no matter who’s watching. In fact, Leos are usually not shy, which is why they tend to gravitate towards careers in entertainment like acting, singing, and public speaking (via Co-Star Astrology). At the crossroads between being creative and brave, Leos like to show off their talents to the world.

According to Allure, Leos also have a theatrical edge that makes them the center of attention. You’re a lion after all, so you are natural leader who never second-guesses your intuition or desires (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). When it comes to your favorite hobbies, you love taking advantage of your courageous streak and can become a party’s court jester. You may even be the first person to suggest a tongue-in-cheek party game like “never have I ever.”

Don’t be afraid to show your date your true colors, no matter how wild they may be. That way, you can know early on if they’re ready for your main character energy and all the seriously competitive Twister and karaoke in their future.

How do you feel about risk-taking adventures?

One crucial component of any Leo’s personality is their bravery. As per Allure, courage is their most notable trait as they’re going through life just like a lion pounces through the plains. They even explain that Leos are symbolized by the “strength” tarot card, so it makes sense that you stop at nothing to achieve greatness and are willing to take risks. Leos are all about drama, and that rings true for everything they do in life.

As a Leo, you probably already know you don’t mind risky behavior, exemplified by your nights out on the town, tendency to speak up when others shy away, and your willingness to always put yourself out there. Naturally, you need a partner who is ready to seize the day with you. The best partners for Leos know that great risks come with incredible rewards — aka you — so they won’t stray away from impromptu rock climbing, perfecting a routine for a costume party dance-off, or taking a spur-of-the-moment trip.

Ask your date about their favorite memories, and what’s on their bucket list. You’re impulsive to a fault and need someone who’s ready to take the ride of their life with you.

Can you handle a Leo's ups and downs?

Some of the best Leo qualities include their courage, fun-loving edge, enviable style, and self-care. Still, nobody is perfect, and every sign has their downsides as well. Your date should know exactly what they’re getting into with a Leo like you, and as the monarchs of the zodiac, Leos can definitely have a pretentious streak.

Of course, Leos love socializing with just about anyone, and when it comes to friends and family, they are loyal, loving, and supportive (via Allure). However, Leos are ruled by the Sun, meaning they are always at the center of their solar system and need attention in order to thrive. They have a regal quality to them that can lead to creating drama out of nothing. Per Allure, they can even be jealous of others when their pride gets in the way.

Some fights between a Leo and their partner can arise for no apparent reason, and usually just mean their ego is deeply hurt. While no one is likely to mention their biggest faults on the first date, which can seem like a red flag in itself, try to gauge your date’s patience. Lion signs need someone who can stay calm, even on rollercoasters.

Are you ambitious and determined?

Lastly, one of Leo’s lesser-known traits is their supreme work ethic. Sometimes, this sign gets a bad rep for their partying ways, but in reality, Leos are ambitious and stop at nothing to make their dreams happen. As natural risk-takers, they’re also not afraid to go all in, which means they’re one of the most naturally-successful signs of the zodiac.

As per Astrology Zodiac Signs, a Leo’s confidence and passion makes them leaders with charisma and strong people skills. They also aren’t likely to give up easily and will face problems head-on. In fact, as per Allure, Leos are “fearless optimists” and just won’t take no for an answer. This means they stick to their goals no matter the obstacles, and are willing to work hard to obtain the luxuries they crave.

Leos are also ready to celebrate their successes with just about anyone who will listen (via Co-Star Astrology). As a Leo, you may want to ask your date about their thoughts on ambition, work-life balance, and personal career goals.

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