Husband Wants His Mom in the Delivery Room, Wife Says No — Who's Right?

Time to weigh in on a sticky delivery dilemma. An expectant mom took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum to find out if she is justified in not wanting her mother-in-law in the room while she gives birth.

“For context, I (34f) am currently about 6 months pregnant,” she began. “I am pregnant with me and my husband’s second child. Me and my MIL honestly have a pretty bitter relationship. She doesn’t approve of me or my family background.” When the Reddit user was giving birth to her first child, her husband asked if his mom could be in the delivery room. She told him “absolutely not” and he backed off.

“I ended up having my husband and my mother there with me as support,” she wrote. “Me and my husband are now discussing about who I want in the delivery room and I told him I was fine with the same arrangement I had last time. My husband was clearly not happy about the decision as I could clearly hear him mumbling something under his breath.”

Turns out, her husband was annoyed that her mom could be in there but his mom could not. “He mentioned that since I got to choose who was in the delivery room last time he should get to choose who’s gets to be inside of the room this time.,” the Reddit user continued. “I told him he was insane if he thought I would let his mother see me in extreme pain.”

The husband got even more upset and left the house. Now, she hasn’t heard from him since. “I contacted my MIL but she said she had absolutely no idea that my husband wanted her in the delivery room in the first place and that she hasn’t heard from him in a while,” she explained. “I’m honestly kind of freaking out both from stress and guilt. Im worried that my husband isn’t okay but I also can’t help but to feel guilty that I drove him away.”

Moms and dads weighed in to reassure the Reddit user that she was NTA in this situation. “As a father of 3 you decide what makes you comfortable,” one person wrote. “You are never more vulnerable th[a]n giving birth and should be supported and made as comfortable as possible.” Another took issue with the husband’s claim that it’s his “turn” to pick who is in the delivery room. “Um, what? Is it your turn to carry and birth the baby too?” the user asked. “I actually like my MIL and wouldn’t want her in the room with me if I was giving birth. If he wants to hang out with his mom he can do so in the waiting room. Hard NTA for sure.”

And then there was the take that got more than 7,000 upvotes.

“When did squeezing a whole other person out of your vagina become a spectator sport?” the Reddit user said. “Of course you want your mom there (I think most women do if they have a nice relationship) for support…why would you want someone in the delivery room who doesn’t even like you when your cash and prizes are hanging out there for everyone to see??? NTA. Not by a long shot.”

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