How to tell if you’re a lightworker

If anyone has ever told you that you could be a lightworker, you just may be. But before you try and determine whether or not you are one, it’s best to understand what a lightworker is. According to Halina Goldstein, spiritual mentor and lightworker in Denmark, a lightworker is not actually that easy to define. “…to me it is someone that is connected with the energy of light… it’s connected with the light, with the soul to a degree that it affects other people. And this doesn’t have to be a conscious choice. For many of us it is obviously for people that have, you know, healers, coaches, therapists, teachers, artists,” she said in an interview with Dr. Andrea Pennington. “This is all from a conscious experience and a conscious choice,” she continued. In other words, a lightworker is someone who naturally helps others through challenges, usually without even knowing it.

Here’s how to tell if you’re a lightworker.

Lightworkers are often sensitive but see positivity in everything

According to YourTango, there are five signs that usually mean you’re a lightworker. Firstly, if you are selfless with your love, and secondly, if you spark joy, these are usually two telltale signs. Thirdly, if you’re sensitive and get easily affected by other people’s emotions, you’re likely to be a lightworker without knowing it. Another sign is simply positivity. Are you a glass-half-full kind of person? You may just have the gift. And lastly, if you often feel energized when you help people, it’s probably for this very reason. 

If you’re convinced you’re a lightworker, consider it a good thing. “I do not believe being a lightworker is a heavy duty. We’re not soldiers. We’re not pushing against a solid wall. It might look like it. But we’re basically connecting with light and with joy. And we’re radiating it. That’s the job. That’s all there is to it,” said Goldstein. “To stay centered, to be like an antenna that connects with that light and then radiate it.”

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