How I Discovered That My Children's Neurodiversity Is a Gift

“I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t make them behave the way I wanted so I sought counseling. Was I failing as a parent?”

“These days, I find myself observing my kids like a stranger watching actors in a play. My daughter’s brain has a dance of its own.”

I’ve also let go of the idea that excelling academically, as I had, is the only route to a happy life. I fed on my parent’s pride each time I brought home a glowing report card and thought good grades were the key to love and affection. But, examples of successful actors, entrepreneurs, writers, and artists with ADHD and dyslexia are everywhere. While reading the popular young adult book series Percy Jackson, my son said, “Mom, Percy has ADHD and dyslexia, and it’s considered his superpower. He can’t sit still in school, but it helps him on the battlefield. Sometimes, I feel that way, too.” My daughter is also reading about a girl with dyslexia in her classroom, and we’ve bonded over listening to audiobooks each evening before bed. She says she “reads with her ears.”

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