Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie have the Most Inspiring Take on Being 'Older' Moms

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie just got really candid about their long, challenging road to motherhood. The NBC coanchors opened up to Good Housekeeping about their respective stories, from Guthrie’s miscarriage and two rounds of IVF to Kotb’s breast cancer diagnosis that left her unable to conceive.

Today, Kotb, 57, has a 5 year old daughter, Hayley, and a 3 year old daughter, Hope, both of whom she adopted with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman. Guthrie, 50, is mom to 7 year old daughter Vale and 5 year old son, Charley. And the two women have the most inspiring message about the power of being an “older” mother.


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“I’m glad my kids don’t have the stressed, anxious and insecure 30-year-old version of me,” Guthrie noted. “The peace and calmness that comes with age is a great thing for kids to see in action.”

There are the times when the news anchor compares herself to younger moms — but quickly gives herself a dose of reality.  “Sometimes I wonder, on a Saturday afternoon when I’m really tired, Do younger parents feel this way? And the answer is yes. I know them, they’re my friends — and they’re exhausted,” Guthrie said. “All parents have those moments of low energy and times they’re frustrated. That’s just the nature of it.”

Kotb offered her own thoughtful take on being a mother to young children in her late 50s. “All of a sudden all the things about having little kids that seem like a problem, you see in a whole different way,” she explained. “And I find myself being so much more patient and calm than I ever would have been at a younger age. You realize we sometimes blow things out of proportion.”

There will always be judgement, she added. If you can believe it, one person actually sent Kotb a handwritten note demanding to know why she had kids at an older age.

“I’ve come to learn that there are two ways to live your life,” Kotb told Good Housekeeping.  “You can live your life worrying about what people think of your life, or you can live your life. And I realized that sometimes I was living my life being concerned about the perceptions of it. I sort of had this epiphany: I have a choice.” 

Three big cheers to Kotb and Guthrie for the incredibly honest, inspiring way they’re approaching their motherhood journey.


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