Hilary Rhoda Reveals Newborn Son Nash Is in the NICU Following 'Dramatic Birth'

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On Wednesday, Rhoda posted several more photos of her time in the hospital, including one of baby Nash in the NICU. She also gave a more detailed rundown of how the birth went, sharing that he came several hours earlier than initially expected.

"So I will clarify, the birth was not dramatic for me, it was dramatic for Nash," she said. "The actual labor and everything was super calm until basically the last 15 minutes. We didn't think I was going to be giving birth until between 3 and 8 a.m. and he came at midnight so things escalated quickly."

Rhoda concluded, "In a matter of five minutes, there were like 20 doctors around, his heart rate went down, he needed to come out right away so everyone's screaming, 'Push, push, push!' I pushed him out in like five minutes. And then it was over. So that was a very eventful 15 minutes, but it was over fast!"

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