Hilary Duff’s Hilarious 2023 Resolution Is So Relatable for Moms

Parents, we’re entering a new era. In 2023, we’re leaving behind the things that hurt us, frustrate us, and annoy us to no end: namely, tossed aside toys that hide in the nooks and crannies of our house! Experienced mom-of-three Hilary Duff shared her New Year’s resolution, and I’m totally stealing this idea in my own home.

“New year new me Babies,” the How I Met Your Father star wrote on her Instagram story yesterday. She also shared a picture of her hand holding two teeny tiny pink forks, a small pink goblet, and a mini brown comb collected on her palm that look like Barbie doll accessories.

“If youre this size or smaller…. Strait to the trash,” she added. Um, yes! Why is this actually the best idea, ever? I’ve tried keeping those little accessories together with my kids’ toys, putting them in special drawers/little baggies/top-shelf containers, but they still end up all over the floor — and in my baby’s hands. Well, no more! Duff is freely admitting to just tossing the toys that are little and annoying (and everywhere!), and we can, too.

The Younger star, who is mom to Banks, 4, and Mae, 1, with husband Matthew Koma, and Luca, 10, with ex Mike Comrie, often shares relatable parenting content on social media. Like when she had to pose for photos in a corner to avoid showing scenes of her “kid-invaded house” or when her preschooler daughter shared an embarrassing story about her at soccer camp. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it!


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Despite her best efforts to maintain a sense of control in her home, it’s hard not to let the kids rule. Just check out Duff and Koma’s 2023 Christmas card, where she joked “All is not calm.” In the photo, Luca ties her and Koma up with Christmas lights, as Banks smiles with duct tape and Mae steals cupcakes from the corner. It really does feel like that sometimes!

We may not be able to keep our kids under control, but we can keep their tiny, painful-to-step on toys from overtaking the house…as long as you don’t let your kids see you throwing them away!  

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