Hilary Duff Says Being at Home Is More ‘Madness’ Than Working & It’s So True

Before kids, getting off work was a glorious time. You had hours of uninterrupted time to yourself to recharge or meet with friends or get stuff done — and don’t even get me started on what weekends were like! But after becoming a mom, “off work” suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Am I really off if the most challenging part of my day has just begun — dinner and homework and baths and bedtime routines? Now, the precious few moments of quiet before bed are worth more than gold and being in the office isn’t quite so bad, either. Hilary Duff feels the same way. The mom of three recently opened up about how her life is more “madness” when she’s not working, and I’ve never felt more seen.

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  • Home Life Is ‘Madness’

    Image Credit: Jonny Marlow for SHAPE

    In a new cover interview for SHAPE’s The Innovation Issue, Duff opened up about what life is like at home with kids Luca, 11, who she shares with ex Mike Comrie, and Banks, 4, and Mae, 2, whom she shares with husband Matthew Koma.

    “I’m almost more busy when I’m not shooting than when I’m shooting,” the How I Met Your Father star told SHAPE. “When I have a call time, I have to go to work, obviously, and I’m there all day and have to keep my head in that game.”

    “When I’m not [shooting], I’m so scattered and all over the place. It’s just madness.” Yes, girl!

    We might not be shooting a TV show in our day jobs, but the sentiment is the same. Going to the office does feel a lot less wild than being home with your little bundles of energy. Mom life is hard, especially stay-at-home-mom life! 

  • She Loves the ‘Mayhem’

    Image Credit: Jonny Marlow for SHAPE

    Just because things are crazy at home, doesn’t mean Duff doesn’t love it. (And all moms can relate!)

    “I just love watching my kids form into their own individual unique selves,” she told SHAPE. “I love my loud household with mayhem and the craziness and all the love and all the dirt. I love [parenting] with my husband. I love feeling like hugs and cuddles can make everything better.”

    She also loves that satisfying feelng you get at the end of a long, happy day. ” I love the pressure of being like, ‘How the fuck are we going to make it through this day?’ And making it through the day and being like, ‘I don’t know how everyone is tucked in and fed and happy after all the things we’ve had to do today.’”

  • Family Minded

    Image Credit: Jonny Marlow for SHAPE

    Right now, the Younger star is focused on her family.

    “I’m in my family making phase,” she told SHAPE. “I built this and I wanted this and so I have to be here to enjoy the joyful and the painful and everything in between.”

    And if you look at her Instagram grid, it truly does seem like she’s enjoying being a mom. She recently shared a bunch of photos and videos from her home life, including an adorable video of Banks’ dance rehearsal, Luca at a soccer game, Mae all dressed up, and more. She simply captioned it, “Busy month.” Duff looks like she’s loving every second!

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