Here’s why your first kiss is so important

Ah, our first kiss. Your memories may be conjure up vivid scenes ranging from sweet, dramatic, embarrassing to entirely lackluster. Some of the details such as where we were, who the smooch was with and if they had bad breath stand the wear and tear of time. Sharing or recalling the story of our first kiss definitely takes us down memory lane. But it can come as a surprise to know that milestone moment and it’s memories may hold a clue in who we are as individuals.

Research suggests your the traits of your personality can be reflected in your first kiss (via Psychology Today). University of Connecticut’s Eva Lefkowitz and collaborators explored memories of a first kiss as a reflection of an individual’s personality in a study. The main focus of the examination was to find out what personality traits were more apparent in those who had delayed having their first kiss after a normative age. According to Buzzfeed, the average age of a first kiss is 15. 

Regarding of when their subjects had their first kiss, Lefkowitz and her collaborators recognized the first kiss and its contribution to psychosocial qualities of identity and intimacy. According to the authors of the study, kissing is considered to be, “positively valanced behavior in and of itself and is linked to relationship satisfaction and commitment in adolescence and adulthood”.

Researchers found surprising conclusions about first kisses

Lefkowitz and her group used a sample group of 738 undergraduates who agreed to participate in a study pertaining to college student life. The researchers strived to understand the personality, motivational, and democratic predictors to establish the average first smooch age their sample group had. Other predictors included religious background, self-esteem and the use of alcohol.

The study showed participants who had yet to have their first kiss were less extroverted, less likely to drink, and more likely to be honors students. In general, they were less likely to participate in risky behavior. On a more serious note, delaying the experience of first kiss after it is normative to do so indicated a larger withdrawal from close relationships (via Psychology Today). For those who haven’t experienced the delightful awkwardness that is a first kiss, remember there is no imaginary hourglass pressuring you to make that smooch happen.

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