Hallmark Star Jodie Sweetin Reveals Which of Her Iconic Character She Sees in Her Daughters Zoie & Beatrix

Whenever an actor portrays an iconic character, it’s hard not to emulate them whenever you can — especially when it’s a character from Full House. And when it comes to the actors from Full House, we love to hear if their kids have seen the show, act like their characters, or do not even care about it. With Jodie Sweetin, she revealed exactly how much of her character she sees in her daughters.

In a recent interview with TODAY on May 10, the Hallmark star revealed she sees a lot of her Full House character Stephanie Tanner in her daughters Zoie and Beatrix. “[Beatrix’s] hair has gotten darker all of the sudden and it looks a little bit less like that little Stephanie Tanner, but both of my girls have my smile and all that,” she said. “So I definitely see Steph hiding in there, especially in their attitude.”

Sweetin’s character Stephanie Tanner was known as the perky, spunky middle child, and from the pics Sweetin has shared of her kiddos on Instagram, we can totally see that spunk in them!

In the same interview, the unSweetined author revealed that while she adores seeing that in her kids, she wants her daughters to fully embrace their individuality. “People want to raise mini versions of themselves. I just try and remember, ‘This is your own journey and I’m just here to help,’” she said. “I’m just here to allow them to figure out life on their own and be kind of the bumper rails for it.”

Sweetin shared her two daughters Zoie, 15, and Beatrix, 12, with her ex-husband Morty Coyle.

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