Hailey Bieber Wants Kids 'So Bad' — But Reveals the One Thing Holding Her Back

Hailey Bieber is ready to have babies — and she’s been ready — but one thing is holding her back from motherhood, and it’s a sad testament to how toxic digital culture has become.

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In a new interview with The Sunday Times, the former Baldwin briefly touched on her desire to start a family with her husband, Justin Bieber, as well as why the two haven’t taken the plunge yet. When the subject of Baby Biebers arose, the model exclaimed, “I literally cry about this all the time!” She explained, “I want kids so bad but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child,” Bieber confessed.

Although public vitriol is causing hesitation at the moment, the 26-year-old continued to speak of her hypothetical future children with the Canadian singer, musing, “We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe.”

Hailey’s comments follow recent social media drama between herself and Selena Gomez, who was previously in a relationship with Justin before he and the model began dating and quickly married. The drama was fueled by fans of Gomez and others on the internet who hold a grudge against the former Baldwin for her relationship with Bieber. The “recent social media drama” is just that — through the entirety of the Biebers’ relationship, they’ve been the subject of criticism when it comes to how Selena and Justin’s relationship ended and how his and Hailey’s began.

  • The Alleged ‘Feud’

    Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

    While the two celebrity women have made moves to dispel any animosity between them — Gomez has even explicitly asked her fans to leave the Biebers, specifically Hailey, alone — the Rhode Skin founder is the frequent target of online hate five years after marrying the “Love Yourself” singer.

    With the internet constantly framing her as the villain in a non-existent love triangle and labeling her as a “mean girl,” it’s easy to understand why Bieber would be afraid to bring children into the narrative — which is, frankly, really freaking disheartening from a societal standpoint.

  • The Real Impact of Positioning Women As Enemies

    Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Amazon Studios.

    How sad is it that people across the internet, mostly women, feel the need to continually tear another woman down despite all rumors being denied by all involved parties?

    How twisted is it that such a loud (and shamefully large) group of people continue to pit two women against each other who have vehemently expressed how much they abhor being positioned as enemies, as well as their distaste for cyberbullying in general?

    The “feud” between Bieber and Gomez has picked up so much steam that the former’s publicist immediately shot down The Times journalist when they broached the subject. With that level of intensity, we can’t blame the model for feeling nervous about public reception to any kids she and her husband may have. Which, again, is beyond sad.

  • The Age Old Pregnancy Rumor Mill

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    Prior to her conversation with The Times and her assertion that she’s not entirely prepared to have children, Bieber had to shut down pregnancy rumors after her appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

    The skincare brand owner impatiently wrote, “I’m not pregnant leave me alone,” in the comments section of a Radar Instagram post suggesting her flowing gown was a sign that there was a baby on the way.

    If and when she decides to have children, Bieber will let the world know in her own time. One thing does seem highly likely, though: if she and her “Peaches” crooner husband do choose to have any Baby Biebers, they’ll probably join this group of celebrities who fiercely shield their children from the public — and we wouldn’t blame them one bit.

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