Giada De Laurentiis's Lookalike Daughter Jade Takes After Her Mom in This Delicious Way & The Video Is Too Cute

Giada De Laurentiis turned 53 yesterday, and she received the sweetest gift from her lookalike daughter Jade. The 15-year-old made a new Instagram video to show off the homemade present — and the delicious way she takes after her Italian chef mom!

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“My heart is so full!😭🥹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” De Laurentiis captioned the video starring her daughter, who she shares with ex Todd Thompson.

Jade says, “Hey guys! We’re back with another Jade cooking video. And today, it’s for a special occasion: my mom’s birthday.” As she talks, she opens a cookbook to reveal a chocolate cake recipe that she is going to bake for her mom, which is so sweet!

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“Every year, I ask her what she wants me to get her, and she says she wants me to make her a chocolate cake,” Jade continues. We love it!

  • Cooking Mishaps

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    She jokes that her cooking skillset is “up to boxed mac and cheese,” as she attempts to make the complicated chocolate cake. Jade seems to be doing good until one point when her friend, who is filming, points out that she shouldn’t have thrown out the egg yolks after separating them because she’ll need them later. She throws herself on the ground in embarrassment before jumping up to separate more eggs. “I promise I don’t waste food normally!” she assures viewers.

    At another point, she pops in the other room to ask her mom if the kitchen utensil she found is a sifter. “And you just put flour in it?” she asks. De Laurentiis responds, “Yeah,” and then clarifies, “over a bowl” making Jade laugh. Her mom doesn’t want to take any chances!


  • Her Mom’s Reaction

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    She presents the finished cake to her mom and receives tons of praise. “Jade this is so beautiful!” De Laurentiis says. She takes a bite and remarks, “It’s fudgy.” Before adding, “It’s amazing!” and giving it a “ten out of ten.”

    “Jade, you’re officially my baker,” De Laurentiis added. That’s high praise! 

    People in the comments praised Jade as well. Fellow chef Valerie Bertinelli wrote, “Jade is so flippin adorable! And her laugh, oh my god, sounds just like you! So so sweet 💗.”

    Baker Ashley Holt commented, “Sobbing!! 😭😭😭😭 this is just so sweet ❤️.”

    “So cute! Can we start a petition to get Jade a cooking show?” another person wrote. We would totally sign that! 



  • Jade Is Growing Up

    Image Credit: FilmMagic

    The Giadzy Pasta founder recently opened up about teaching her daughter another important life skill: how to drive. 

    “It’s so stressful,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s so emotional to watch your child grow up like this, and I feel like driving is such a big step.”

    She said that watching Jade grow up has “been an emotional rollercoaster.” De Laurrentiis added, “That’s what it’s really been. It’s also really fun to see her excitement. She is so excited to be independent. It’s like this thing she just so badly wants.”


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