Georgia Subway customer impersonates cop, threatens to shoot employees over extra cheese charge

A Georgia man pretended to be a police officer and threatened to shoot two Subway employees over an charge for extra cheese.

 (iStock / Kennesaw PD)

A Georgia man and former city employee was arrested after allegedly impersonating a police officer and threatening to shoot two Subway employees over his lunch order.

According to police, Eric McMillian, who previously worked for the city of Kennesaw, got upset when the restaurant employees charged him for extra cheese on his sandwich, WSB-TV reports.

McMillian also reportedly threatened to arrest the two workers at the chain.

He has since been fired after just six months on the job as a business license specialist. Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling was surprised by his former employee’s behavior.

"He misrepresented his position. He misrepresented who he was as a person. That bothers me at a different level, not just as mayor, but as a citizen," Easterling told WSB-TV.


"He was a great employee, worked hard. He didn’t seem to have any problems," he said.

A spokesperson for Subway did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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