Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia Tries Out Interpretive Dance in the Cutest New Video

Interpretive dance (noun): a dance depicting a story or a definite emotion. For Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia, interpretive dance is how she expresses the deep feelings and thoughts of her 3-year-old self — and she couldn’t be cuter while doing it!

In a new Instagram Reel posted Tuesday, Kaavia dances in her Moana swimsuit by the pool.

“About to grant you with my presence & talents…” was written on the video, which is managed by Kaavia’s parents, Union and her husband Dwayne Wade. Kaavia then proceeds to jump and wiggle to Ciara’s “JUMP (feat. Coast Contra).”

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“A little shimmy” is written over one part, while Kaavia pops her elbow and moves her hips. Hey, she isn’t called Shady Baby for nothing — Kaavia is sassy and proud of it!

“This dance is one of a kind (like me)” is written over a part of the video where Kaavia is twirling and jumping around the living room. She closes her eyes at one point, with text written, “Shhh..I’m in my element.” At the end, she even attempts the splits! It’s energetic, emotional, and exciting. Basically, everything you could want out of an interpretive dance!

“It’s always time for a dance break,” the video was captioned. “Interpretative dance is my jam. Stay entertained my friends.”

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Union’s Proudly skin care account commented, “We should all be living this week with such a vibe ✨💛.” The official Barbie account commented as well, writing, “Never a wrong time for a dance break 💃❤️.”

Fans loved her moves as well. One person wrote, “That hip action is letting us know our ‘niece’ is here to own the stage.”

“It’s the Shimmy for me. I love her ❤️,” another said.

Follow Kaavia’s lead and let it all out in a dance break this afternoon!

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