Gabrielle Union, Tan France, and More Celeb Moms & Dads Are Banding Together to Uplift Parents Everywhere

Gabrielle Union, Naomi Osaka, Meghan Trainor, Karlie Kloss, Emily Oster, and Tan France are joining forces to assemble the Avengers of parenthood — and we’ve got infant formula company Bobbie to thank for the powerful collaboration.

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Launching the second annual Bobbie campaign with a group video call on Instagram, the “MotherBoard” chat is initiated by France, who is soon joined by his fellow celeb parents and campaign-mates. From helping “first-timer” Osaka to being a late-night resource for Kloss, the group shared what they’re most looking forward to chatting about throughout their parenthood conversation.

“I think it’s so important to talk about self-love and mental health as a parent,” Trainor said, with Kloss adding maternal health and paid leave to the list. For Osaka, she hopes she “can help new parents everywhere get a handle on this crazy ride,” while France and Union are eager to bring their knowledge and experience with surrogacy into the fold. Meanwhile, Oster’s role in the group is to “answer questions and provide the best guidance … for all the different types of parents that are out there.”

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In the caption of her post, Union wrote, “No matter how you **become** a parent or how you choose to feed your baby, I have learned first hand through IVF, infertility, surrogacy, and formula feeding that there is no room for judgment in parenting. But there is massive opportunity for us to come together as parents and get loud about the issues impacting all of us.” The Bring It On icon added, “This epic group chat is about to light up as we work TOGETHER to push the policies impacting parents – and of course share the highs, lows, and lessons learned along the way.”

France added in his post caption, “If there’s one thing we both know for sure — parenting activates you to share more, learn more and honestly, cry more — in a remarkable way.” The Queer Eye star continued, “Our goal is to support a community of new parents with our stories, to use our collective platforms and of course, groundbreaking research to move the needle on issues, stigmas, and policies impacting parents today.”

  • The Inspiration Behind the Cause

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    Bobbie is an organic infant formula company that meets both EU and FDA nutrition standards, and it’s the only mom-founded and led infant formula in the United States. In addition to offering a nutritious alternative to breastmilk, Bobbie is deeply invested in activism and creating meaningful change for modern parents — hence, the company’s latest MotherBoard campaign with these six incredible celebrity parents.

    Laura Modi, Bobbie CEO, co-founder, and mom of three, told Business Wire the involvement of Union, Osaka, Trainor, Kloss, Oster, and France is integral to help “bring awareness to the issues and push forth policies that are impacting American parents.”

    Each celebrity is championing their own cause within the umbrella of parenthood during the second annual MotherBoard campaign, and the issues they’ve chosen to address are personal to their own parenting journeys.

  • Their Causes

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    Union is shining a light on the stigma of choosing surrogacy and the American maternal mortality crisis, specifically as it impacts women of color.

    Osaka, who is due to deliver her first child during summer 2023, is focusing on maternal mental health.

    Trainor, who’s currently pregnant with her second baby, is advocating for better parental leave policies and bringing more transparency into conversations about the challenges of becoming a mother. Also pregnant with her second, Karlie Kloss is championing paid leave for all.

    Oster, an economist and best-selling author, will work with Bobbie to further foster a non-judgemental and facts-focused conversation around infant feeding by taking a research-based approach.

    And, similar to Union, France is advocating for those who are navigating their own transition into parenthood via surrogacy — a cause he has a firm grasp on since welcoming his second child in May 2023.

    While championing their own issues, each parent will serve as an advocate for Bobbie’s central cause: increasing accessible and affordable infant nutrition for all parents.

  • The Inaugural MotherBoard Campaign

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    Last year’s MotherBoard — the first of Bobbie’s MotherBoard campaigns — saw Ashley Graham, Tan France, Elaine Welteroth, and Laura Dern advocate for parents across the U.S. by participating in a history-making combo-feeding campaign, attending more than 80 meetings on Capitol Hill, fighting for the Momnibus Act to be reintroduced, and more.

    With such incredible moves made in 2022, we can’t wait to see what this year’s crew is able to achieve.

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