Gabrielle Union & Daughter Kaavia Sing 'I Look Good' & We Want Some of Shady Baby's Confidence

Gabrielle Union shared the most adorable video of her family, and we can’t help but watch it on repeat. The Perfect Find actress posted some precious footage of herself, her husband Dwyane Wade, and their daughter, Kaavia James, on Kaavia’s personal Instagram account. The 4-year-old has a whopping 1.9M followers, and for good reason!

The little girl is just as sweet as she is shady and has rightfully earned her endearing nickname, Shady Baby. In the video, we see Union, Wade, and Kaavia sitting on a couch. The proud mom asked her daughter if she wanted to sing a song and Kaavia instantly said yes.

“What if AD goes first and we go second?” Union suggested, referencing Kaavia’s nanny who is off-camera. “Uh no,” Kaavia said, throwing her head back and laughing. “We go first.”

The three then started singing Chalie Boy’s “I Look Good.”

“On my momma,” Union and Kaavia sang. “On my momma,” AD repeated.

“On my hood.” “… On my hood.”

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“I look fly.” “… I look fly.”

“I look good.” “…I look good.”

Kaavia had a smile on her face the whole time, and really caught her stride the second time around, nodding her head, laughing, and insisting she looked good. She even repeated it after the song ended just for good measure. Her confidence is so contagious that her dad even gets in on the fun at the end.

“If I put it on my momma I mean it 😉,” Kaavia captioned her post (although we suspect it’s her momma who actually wrote that). The video has 91K likes and counting, and commenters are obsessed.

“I love they are raising an unapologetically black baby.”

“I’m smiling waaaay too hard at this 🥹.”

“K and Gabi are so precious like I can’t!”

“Just love her cute lil self 🥰.”

“It was the confirmation on the end for me! 😍😍😍.”

“I know one thing! She has ‘I look good’ downnnn & I love it!”

Kaavia’s energy in this video is seriously everything, and we’ll be trying to channel her the next time we look in the mirror.

Wade and Union also share teens Zaya and Zaire, who Wade shares with ex Siohvaughn Funches. And we have no doubt they get into Chalie Boy too. Especially Zaya, who has been rocking the runway, knowing full well that she looks fly.

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