From the Neon Sign to the Flamingo Wallpaper, Shop the Pieces in Khloe Kardashian's Daughter True's Nursery (Plus, Get the Look for Less)


Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson may only have been in the world for three months, but she’s already got her name in lights, thanks to the two custom nursery signs Kardashian had made (one for her nursery in Cleveland, where father Tristan plays basketball, and one for Calabasas). The neon signs, designed by Kardashian using her mother’s handwriting in a red light designed not to inhibit her daughter’s sleep patterns, were featured prominently in Kardashian’s baby shower decor and unveiled in a nursery tour posted on her app today.

Though a custom neon might seem like it’s exclusively the purview of someone with a Kardashian budget, you might be surprised by how affordable they can be, whether you look for a local lighting shop or try a vendor on Etsy; for example, LitbyLo creates custom signs starting at $70 with a similar script aesthetic.

If you love the look but aren’t convinced you need a custom piece, there are plenty of fun budget-friendly options online, like this create-your-own neon-look sign at Urban Outfitters, this sweet moon table lamp at Wayfair, or a pretty blue cloud at Amazon. (If you’re obsessed with True’s flamingo theme, this neon is perfect.)

And while the oversized daybed in True’s nursery may be pricey, you can recreate the look for less – get an exact dupe of the look from Target for just $26.99.

There’s plenty else in True’s nursery to covet as well. Her acrylic Vetro crib, also a favorite of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, is available for $5,000 right now on Amazon (though if you’re patient, it will be at Wayfair for $4,500 by the end of July). Want a similar look for less? Pottery Barn Kids carries a crib with acrylic elements for about $600 and Houzz carries the mini-crib version of Khloé's for $2,500.

Her butterfly mobile appears to be this $49 one (currently on sale for $10 off!) from Pottery Barn Kids, and you can get a similar look from Houzz for $20.99 or on Amazon for $28.

Finally, the flamingo wallpaper Khloé said was “the first thing I saw that I knew I needed to have in my daughter’s nursery” can be bought for $198 per roll at Anthropologie, though you can achieve a similar look for less from Pottery Barn and Houzz. Finish off the look with an oversized stuffed flamingo like this one from Melissa & Doug.

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