From Pumping at the Salon to Eating Her Placenta: Hilary Duff's Candid Motherhood Confessions

“Am I doing this right?” she joked in the caption, which put her shot side-by-side with the ultra-glam photo of Rachel McAdams double-pumping in Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine. 

Seriously, breastfeeding makes you feel starved. All. The. Time.

“Calling all parents of colic babies…..this ends right?” the Disney Channel alum captioned a selfie in which she’s holding her 2-month-old daughter. 

“Can you ever set them down with out them screaming OR waking up? We have read everything the internet has to offer… nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps!” the actress continued. “We have done all the obvious things ..please leave magic tricks in comments.”

We’ve all been there. 

“We two months in sister,” Duff wrote on Instagram. “Been a lot of sleepless nights and you sure do scream a lot. But you are worth every moment my little strugglebunny.”

For her second delivery (son Luca with ex-husband Mike Comrie is 6), Duff wanted to go natural. 

“I just started thinking that I wanted a different experience,” she explained on Dr. Elliot Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy podcast. “And I thought to myself that I want to get the full experience of what it is to bring a baby into the world and how incredible our bodies are,” Duff added. “My body gave me this incredible little boy and now I get to have this little girl and I want to experience it to the fullest.”

Though the process took a little longer than planned and definitely hurt, Duff said she “would totally do it again,” perhaps because of one beautiful moment.

After Banks entered the world, “[my midwives] hand her to me and I’m looking at her … and she reaches up both of her arms and curls into me … reaches up her arms right at my neck, as if to give me a hug,” Duff recalled. “I couldn’t believe how strong she was but it was so clearly a hug. … It made me feel like she was like, ‘Good team, Mom, we did it.’ “

On the same podcast, Duff shared that she ate her daughter’s placenta, even though the idea had her “wigged out” at first.

“It was the most delightful smoothie I’ve ever had,” she said. “I haven’t had a smoothie that delightful since I was ten. It was calorie-filled with juice and fruit and everything delicious.”

The actress explained that the theories claiming it would prevent post-partum depression and stop the post-birth bleeding were enough to convince her to try it.

Since drinking her placenta for the first time, Duff explained that she’s been feeling great and has been consuming the rest of it in ice cube form to avoid taking pills. “I heard something weird about pills,” she said. “I heard placenta burps are not ideal.”

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