Fergie Shares Rare Photo of Her ‘Super Hero Enthusiast’ Son Axl Jack

Fergie is celebrating a decade of being a mom! She shared rare photos of her son Axl Jack, who she shares with ex Josh Duhamel, for his tenth birthday, and we can’t believe how much he looks like his mama.

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The 8-time Grammy-winning singer opened up in a 2018 People interview about struggling with work-life balance. “As any hard-working mom knows, it is a delicate balancing act that I have to be juggling all of the time with the different schedules, the family schedules, the work schedules,” she lamented. “I’m constantly having to have boundaries, make sure that all of those hours are in and it’s a balanced lifestyle because I’ve got so much on my plate that sometimes I’m just a tired Mom!”

While she was pregnant with Axl, she joked during an appearance on Good Morning America that she was clueless as to how to approach motherhood. “I have no idea what I’m doing!” Fergie confessed. “I’m just going to play it by ear and see how things go, and let the natural instincts kick in.” Ten years later,  it looks like she’s doing a fantastic job!


  • Axl Turns 10

    Image Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

    “To my caring, funny, outgoing, loving, smart, talkative, creative super hero enthusiast,” the Black Eyed Peas alum wrote on Instagram on Aug. 29. “Happy 10th birthday punky!!! I love you Axl Jack 🎂🎂.”

    The photo carousel included a professional black-and-white shot of Axl turning to look at the camera from a side view, looking just like his mom. In another photo, the blonde-haired boy opens his blue eyes wide as he sits on the couch. There’s one photo of him in a full Batman costume riding a Batmobile, and others of him wearing soccer jerseys with his friends. He is one cute kid!


  • Growing Up So Fast

    Image Credit: Noel Vasquez/GC Images

    Fans couldn’t believe the little boy is already 10. 

    “Can’t believe he is 10!!! Happy birthday little one ❤️,” one person commented. Someone else said, “So beautiful like his mom❤️.”

    “How blessed are you!!!! He looks just like you gorgeous mamma!!!!❤️” another person wrote.

    The Shotgun Wedding star gave his own tribute to Axl. He shared a clip of himself on CBS News Minnesota, leading a crowd of people to sing him “Happy Birthday” live on TV. He captioned it, “Happy 10th birthday buddy boy. Love you kid.”


  • So Much Joy

    Image Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

    The All My Children star opened up about fatherhood in a Jan. 2023 interview with Fatherly.

    “My son brings so much joy to my life, it’s crazy,” he told the outlet. “He’s down for whatever. We’ll play catch in the backyard. We made [my wife Audra Mari] a giant birthday card. He loves art. He’s 9, but his imagination is still huge.”

    Duhamel added, “He and I are like a couple of bachelors. And then [Audra] comes around, and she brings so much structure to the house. Dinner, we sit here, guys” — indicating a table. “There’s actually candles lit around the house… They have the most beautiful relationship.”

    He also revealed that Axl might want to be an actor when he grows up. “He probably will be,” Duhamel revealed about acting. “He loves it. He’s in his little theater class; he likes to do it. He can do whatever he wants when he’s old enough. But he’s not going to be a child actor. He’s not going to be auditioning or getting an agent or anything until he can do it on his own. I want him to be a kid.”

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