Fans Are Speculating That Tom Cruise May Have Left Scientology for One Parenting Reason

In yet another unexpected twist from the private life of Tom Cruise, it seems there may be a huge reason why the Oscar-nominated actor potentially left the Church of Scientology after over 30 years. For those that don’t know, there has been heavy speculation that Cruise has left Scientology, and now, people believe it’s because he wants to restart his relationship with his estranged daughter Suri Cruise.

As many people know, the Mission Impossible star doesn’t have a relationship with his youngest child Suri, with many pointing fingers at Scientology for being the culprit behind their strained relationship

Many outlets like Pinkvilla, BolNews, and theThings have been questioning if the reason he left the Church was because soon, he may be able to rekindle a relationship with her. When he and Katie Holmes divorced in 2012 (after marrying on Nov 18, 2006 and welcoming Suri on April 18, 2006), Holmes got full custody of Suri, along with $400,000 a month in child support until Suri turns 18.

ITALY – NOVEMBER 16: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Rome for wedding. Cruise and Holmes are expected to marry in the Orsini Odescalchi Castle in the lakeside town of Bracciano just 60 kilometers from the capital on november 18th. Tom Cruise ,Katie Holmes with their daughter Suri arrive at the restaurant ‘Nino’ near plaza di Spagna, where Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their guests had dinner in Rome, Italy on November 16, 2006. (Photo by Eric VANDEVILLE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

It’s allegedly been a decade since Tom last saw Suri, after the lengthy and bitter divorce battle, per the Mirror.

Right now, Suri is said to be looking at colleges, and when she hits 18 years old, reports say Tom may try to make a solid father-daughter relationship between them (despite others saying he’ll take “no part” in her decision-making).

For those that don’t know, reports from outlets like the Mirror, indicate Tom has reportedly stopped visiting the UK Scientology headquarters, despite being in the UK for around three years while filming his latest movies. This has led to great speculation about his relationship with the controversial Church, and his relationship with all three of his kids.

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Along with people thinking he may have left the Church for Suri, people wonder where that would leave him with his two kids with Nicole Kidman: Isabella Jane, born in 1992 and Connor, born in 1995. Both Isabella and Connor are in Scientology, and Isabella is even a high-ranking member of the Church, per People.

People are left with more and more questions, and with Tom’s silence, the speculation keeps going.

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