EXCLUSIVE: Tamron Hall Reveals the Hilarious Anxiety-Inducing Moment She Realized She Was a Mom

Despite having nine months to prepare, motherhood can seem to happen all at once. Suddenly, you’re handed a newborn baby and expected to be fully responsible for their wellbeing. Tamron Hall had the most hilarious, yet scary moment when she realized that she was actually a mom. It happened when her son, Moses, now 2, with husband Steve Greener, was just a few days old.

The Emmy-nominated host of The Tamron Hall show revealed the funny story to SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas. “My first night home with my son was so bizarre,” she says. “About 11 ‘o clock at night, my husband thinks he’s having a heart attack. I’m like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘My chest, my chest, I’m having palpitations.’”

Scary, right? Luckily, Hall’s mother, Mary Newton, was staying with the new parents that night. They called an Uber, and her mother went with her husband to the hospital.

As if that anxiety-inducing situation wasn’t bad enough, Hall reveals it got only got worse. “With this teeny baby alone, it was a rainy night,” she says. “I hear the alarm system in the house go off. I’m like, ‘Wait, what is that? Is there someone there trying to take my baby? Go away!’”

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending, and you can get all the details — along with Hall’s Mother’s Day traditions, details about her relationship with her mom, and her best tips on potty training — by watching the full video.

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