Everything to Know About the 'Zoom Challenge' – and Why It's Putting Kids and Pets in Danger

The newest viral video trend to stir up controversy has been dubbed the “Zoom Challenge.”

While at first it may sound like a race to the finish, it’s actually an activity that is raising red flags for many parents due to its quick, whiplash-style movement that can result in kids banging their heads against hard surfaces.

Set to rapper Lil Yachty’s song “Mickey,” many of the videos show small children — and even pets — alone in the frame while the lyrics, “Trappin’ out the back streets, runnin’ through the packs like a track meet – ZOOM!” can be heard.

At the word “zoom,” the children are then yanked off screen by their legs — and in some instances the movement happens so quickly, the little ones’ heads are striking the ground.

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The videos have received criticism and backlash, with one user writing, “Giving these kids whiplash smh” and another chiming in, “This is abuse.”

“Umm I’m scared ? what if they hit they head oouch … yeah Nah on this challenge,” another said, while a fourth wrote, “WTF is wrong w/ people?!?!? Those poor kids were definitely hurt ??”

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The new “challenge” is the latest in a series of stunts that have resulted in a viral trend.

In January, health experts warned against the potentially deadly social-media craze called “The Tide Pod Challenge,” in which individuals filmed themselves biting into the soap-filled capsules.

In a statement to TIME, a Tide spokesperson said the company was “deeply concerned” about the challenge and working with social-media networks to remove content that promotes eating the capsules.

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