Easy Ideas to Entertain Toddlers While Social Distancing

I’m running out of creative ideas. What household items should I be enlisting for play?
Step stools are great for easy access to drinks of water, snacks, or hand-washing! Making the environment easily accessible to your child will make them more independent within it. Empowering them to prepare their own snack is a great activity and having some small, easy to open food containers that you can fill with their snack items helps with that. You can designate one low cupboard or drawer in the kitchen for your child’s small plates and cutlery and add the snack containers and a small pitcher with water and cups.

A sponge cut in half and a small squirt bottle can be used for cleaning windows, wiping tables and taking care of plants. Children love to help with these tasks and will get better at them over time if given the opportunity to learn! You’ll also want plenty of art supplies on hand. Construction paper, non-toxic paint or crayons and child-safe scissors can lead to an array of activities. When your child completes their project, they’ll be excited to find a spot to proudly display it in your home. We’ve got lots more ideas on Instagram.

Any fun ideas for Easter, considering visiting the bunny is definitely out?
Sure! Try:

  • Easter-Themed Obstacle Course – balance eggs on spoons in an obstacle course challenge. Toddlers can also go through the course hopping like a bunny, waddling like a chick or rolling like an egg! This is great gross motor work to get out some energy.
  • Easter-Themed Water Play – Do eggs sink or swim? Flowers? A great opportunity to get outside and work on their fine motor skills.
  • Sensorial Egg Matching – Fill pairs of plastic Easter eggs with different objects. Maybe rice or jelly beans etc. The goal is to pick things that will make different noises when your child shakes the eggs. Add them to a tray or bowl. Then have your child match pairs of eggs based on the sound.

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