Drew Scott’s Rare & Adorable Snapshot With His Son Shows He’s Already Just as Stylish as His Dad

If you watch Property Brothers, you know how stylish Drew and Jonathan Scott are, but it seems Drew’s little boy Parker may be the most stylish of them all!

On Jan 19, Drew shared an adorable snapshot of him and his son Parker in some colorful attire, sharing the rare photo with the caption, “Who wore it best? #ootd.”


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In the super-sweet photo, we see Drew in a red sports shirt as he holds up Parker, who’s dressed in a vibrant pink and red-star pair of pants, a salmon-colored sweater, and black shoes, and is covering his little face with a brown newspaper boy hat. Who wore it better? Sorry, Drew, but your little boy is already such a stylish dude that we have to give it to him!

Of course, fans adored this snapshot, saying how Parker definitely stole the show and how cute the two look together. However, there was a flood of comments saying how “dumb” it is for Drew to hide his son’s face, saying how he should either show his face or not post at all. (Newsflash to those folks: it’s the parents’ decision, not yours! So move it along!)

Drew and Linda Phan met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, hitting it off soon after and marrying in 2018. After 12 years together, Drew and Phan welcomed their son Parker James in May 2022, which happened to be their fourth wedding anniversary.

Drew said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that fatherhood “unlocks a side you didn’t know you had.” He said, “I have this deep love for Linda, but then, all of a sudden, that’s the shallow pool. I’m not saying shallow with Linda, I love Linda, but there’s a whole other depth to Linda and my love together with Parker. It’s amazing just seeing his face when he looks at you, like, once he started focusing in and he locks eyes with you — oh, your heart melts. It’s amazing.”

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