Drew Scott’s Adorable New Photo of Baby Parker Is the Perfect Parenting Hack

Babies don’t need a lot to be happy. All you need is love and affection, warm milk, a safe place to play, and some cookware! That’s right, toys are nothing compared to the joy of a perfect pot. Drew Scott highlighted this in his adorable new post with his 15-month-old son Parker, who he shares with wife Linda Phan.

“Who needs toys when you have pots?” the Property Brothers star captioned a new photo on Instagram. In it, the curly-haired baby is sitting in a pot inside his playpen, simply holding onto the edge and the handle. His mom is sitting behind him, with one hand on his back for support. Despite having no toys around (or even a wooden spoon to bang on the pot!), Parker looks perfectly cozy and content mushed up inside the cookware.


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There’s something about babies in pots that’s so stinkin’ cute! “Mmmmm Parker soup 🍲😍,” YouTuber Alex Cattoni commented.

“Pots and boxes. Toddler’s favorites. Ahaha,” someone wrote.

Another parent commented, “Lol, Parker is so handsome! When my youngest son was little, he loved my Tupperware containers & lids. He would play with them for hours.” Another great parenting idea! When your baby isn’t content with anything, just take out all of your stuff and let them (safely) have at it. It’s surprising how happy this can make little ones.

Rebecca Lim and Drew Scott at the premiere of "Beef" party on March 30, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)

Scott doesn’t always have an easy time with Parker, though. Like all exhausted parents, sometimes he has to pull out all the stops to get his baby to laugh. Earlier this month, the HGTV star shared a cute video of Parker standing on the couch and looking out the window. Parker giggles as he watches his dad dance, spin, and walk backward outside.

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“I’m the funniest guy Parker knows,” he wrote, adding, “If only the rest of the world found me this entertaining.”

Sometimes it takes random household objects and other times it requires all the entertaining skills you’ve ever honed in your life to make your baby happy. Like all parents, Scott will do whatever it takes — because those sweet baby smiles are always worth it.

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