Drew Scott & Linda Phan’s Son Parker Proves He’s a Little Speed Racer in These Rare Pics

Drew Scott’s son Parker just conquered one of his biggest goals: climbing his home’s steps confidently!

On Aug 5, the Dream Home author shared a series of photos of Parker’s latest excursion: climbing up the stairs. He posted the photos with the caption on Instagram reading, “Uh oh, Parker’s figured out the stairs!”


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In the photos, we see speed runner Parker in a blue-and-white onesie, and his iconic black curly locks ready to trek up the stairs. And before we know it, he’s climbing up the stairs. And by the last photo, he’s already up the stairs, with Scott nearby to play the roadblocker.

First off, where has the time gone?! Wasn’t he just born like two days ago (no, we know he was born in May 2022)! But secondly, how has he already climbed up those steep steps? Those steps look like a journey a Pixar character would have a whole story arc about.

Scott and his wife Linda Phan met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, and later wed in 2018. As we said, they welcomed their son Parker James, 1, in May 2022

In a super-rare interview, the Property Brothers star said that fatherhood “unlocks” a new side of you, and while we’ve all fawned over the wise words of the then-new parent, his new interview shed another heartwarming light on fatherhood.

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In a recent interview with ET Canada, he talked about how fatherhood has made him incredibly patient. “Being a parent, you really start to get more patience quickly,” he said. They all make fun of me — I’m an efficiency guy, I’m always showing up on time and everything. It’s not my schedule anymore. It’s Parker’s schedule. I have to learn to just chill with it.”

Before you go, check out all the times Drew Scott and Linda Phan gave a glimpse into life with their son, Parker.

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