Drew Scott Asks the Question That's Been Plaguing Parents for Centuries

Drew Scott is tired. And a little (a lot?) delirious. But can you blame him? He’s the proud dad of a 1-year-old named Parker, who he shares with wife Linda Phan, and, well, life isn’t quite as restful as it once was.

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The Property Brothers star took to Instagram this weekend after an exhausting night, and we’ve never felt more seen. He asked the age-old question that parents everywhere have been dying to know since the beginning of time: “Question for the parents: When does it get easier?! 🤣 #parenting.”

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We’re all laughing so we don’t cry at this point. Scott added his own brand of humor to the exhausting situation. While some people approach crack-of-dawn wakeups with tons of coffee, Scott took to interpretative dance and frolicking around fields of flowers (hey, to each his own!).

“POV: Your toddler waking you up at 5 am on a weekend,” he wrote, while dressed in a German lederhosen outfit and twirling through his backyard garden. We are laughing (and crying!) in solidarity, man.

  • Parents Were Less Than Helpful in the Comments

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    Some of the comments weren’t exactly encouraging to poor Scott and Phan. 

    One person unhelpfully wrote, “When people with babies and toddlers complain have no idea how easy they have it😏wait until they are teenagers🤨you’ll see🤣.”

    Another dramatically said, “Never…the problems just get bigger as they do.”

    “Haha never!” someone else agreed. “Then your kids either call at 3am for a ride or ring the doorbell cause they lost their key! 😂”

    “It changes, but it doesn’t get easier. Toughest job you’ll ever love 💕,” another said. 

    “Let me know when you find out 😂,” another asked.

  • It’s Not All Exhausting, Though

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    Last week, Scott posted that he was “exploring career paths” with Parker, and the pictures were too darn cute. 

    “Exploring career paths for Parker,” he wrote on Instagram. “So far it’s beekeeper, astronaut or professional basketball player (aka dribbler💧🏀).” He also included two snaps of him and Parker in a baby carrier. In one, they look at bees, and the other, they admire space shuttles in a museum. The dribbler part probably comes from some serious teething going on, poor baby!

  • Drew Scott & Jonathan Scott Open Up About Fatherhood

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    In a snippet of a Father’s Day interview shared with PEOPLE today, Drew and his brother Jonathan Scott talked about fatherhood. 

    Drew revealed that communication was key for him and Phan. 

    “I was back in school finishing my Executive MBA and I had to fly out to Boston two months after Parker was born for two weeks,” he recalled. “The early stages of being born is a tough time to leave a parent solo.”

    “[Linda] was good at letting me know what she needed to tackle everything, but after doing that it made me understand how easy it could be to just let Linda take the reins on everything Parker — I’m at work all day and she’s with him, so it’s easy for me to forget that I’m a parent here too and I have certain responsibilities,” he shared.

    “The real, open dialogue between Linda and me is a huge part of me being a better dad because she’ll give me a slight reminder if I’m not doing something I promised to do. It’s not just about the baby, it’s also about your communication with your partner.”

    As for Jonathan, who is stepdad to girlfriend Zooey Deschanel’s two kids, Charlie, 6, and Elsie, 7, he shared how hard it was to fit in to the kids’ lives.

    “One thing that was a struggle early on was that the kids didn’t necessarily run up and jump in my arms and give me a big hug,” Jonathan said. “I also remember several times where they’d be out with other kids and someone would say, ‘Oh your daddy’s so funny,’ and they’d be like, ‘That’s not my daddy, he’s my Jonathan.’ So that would hurt a little bit.”

    Jonathan has to realize “that in their mind, that’s not a mean thing to say — it’s how they know me.”

    He went on, “Over time, I worked on expressing my feelings to them and the things that make me sad and happy. I think it’s good for kids to know that grownups have feelings, too,” he continues. “Having that open dialogue with them is so important because as they get older, they’ll continue to keep those lines open.”

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