Drew Barrymore Reveals Which Iconic Childhood Movie Prop Is Sitting in Her Daughters' Room

Drew Barrymore will always be right here for her daughters.

The actress and newly minted television host graces the cover of the first-ever Domino Kids issue alongside her girls Frankie, 6, and Olive, 8, where she gives a glimpse into her home sanctuary in New York and talks about a very special movie prop she kept from her childhood that now stays close to the sisters.

"I am absolutely terrible at keeping things. I lose everything. But I do have the red cowboy hat I wore in E.T.," says Barrymore, 45. "It is in the girls' room somewhere and reminds me that I was 6 years old wearing that hat. I'm so glad I still have it."

"When we're kids, we don't think something will be important to us one day; we clean out our room and throw stuff away," the mother of two muses. "It's nice if parents put something of theirs in their kids' rooms, so it's a transference of memories and energy."

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Single Mom Drew Barrymore Says She Gets to ″Wear a Lot of Different Hats with My Kids″

While Barrymore doesn't show her daughters' faces on social media, she has been open about her approach to motherhood and told Domino Kids that she did a parenting series on Instagram because she ″wanted to honor and acknowledge everything that's happening″ amid the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement.

″This is not the time to promote things or talk about anything but the conversation at hand,″ she said. ″I made protest signs with my girls and bought a whole slew of new books to read — like this wonderful book called Raise Your Voice: 12 Protests That Shaped America, about how protesting is so important and such a catalyst for change.″

″2020 is a powerful number because it also represents hindsight,″ added The Wedding Singer actress. ″If we look back at our history, we have to change and grow and evolve. I believe the world is — I don't know how else to say this — having a rebirth."

Barrymore isn't afraid to have big conversations with her children, whether they have to do with the 2020 landscape, the meaning of life or even expressing her gratitude over how they have changed her.

″The other day I told Olive that I thank her so much for making me a better person,″ she recalled. ″I know of all the relationships I've had — whether it was a boyfriend, a marriage, my own parents, my best friends who were my original family — no one has forced me to push myself to be a good person as much as my kids.″

″The most accountable, the most stable, the most emotionally rational," Barrymore continued. "It's like they're the catalysts; they have inspired me to change a lot of things about myself. Because it's what I need to be for them."

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