Disneyland Has a Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate, and It's OK to Freak Out Now

Disneyland Has a Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate, and It’s OK to Freak Out Now

One of Disneyland’s new seasonal treats during the park’s Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations is a frozen Mexican hot chocolate, and it’s seriously, dangerously delicious. Available at Rancho del Zocalo in the main Disneyland park, the $6 Frozen Abuelita and Horchata is offered alongside a Blended Horchata and is a festive twist on the traditional Spanish and Latin American spiced rice milk drink. This new frozen drink incorporates Abuelita, a Mexican-style cinnamon hot chocolate named after the Spanish word for “grandma,” and is topped with the frozen horchata and a spiced whipped cream. It’s a refreshing blend of sweet and spicy, and while it’s pretty sweet, it’s not cloying. In fact, of all the treats available during Halloween Time at Disneyland, this one was my favorite, especially on a warm Fall day in Anaheim!

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