Dax Shepard Says He's 'Very Pro-Sex' — But There's One Thing He Absolutely Won't Let His Daughters Do

Dax Shepard is thinking ahead to rules about sex for his daughters Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8, and he already knows one boundary he will not budge on.

During an Aug. 17 episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, clinical psychologist Wendy Mogel brought up the importance of parents talking to their adult kids about their sex partners sleeping over. Shepard replied, “Yeah, I’m not gonna love seeing some 25-year-old dude in boxers in my kitchen. It’s not gonna be for me.”

Ack! Can you imagine? I’m not a huge fan of thinking about my kids’ potential hookups spending the night at my house either. No matter how sex positive you are, there’s just some things that are too uncomfortable for words.

In the interview, Shepard clarified that he is “very pro-sex.” He added, “I hope they’re very happy and adventurous.” Just as long as those adventures are not taking place at home.

He ventured a suggestion for where they could have sex, though: “In their car like everyone else did, I guess,” the Parenthood alum said with a laugh. Hey, it’s basically a rite of passage!

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MARCH 16: Kristen Bell (L) and Dax Shepard speak onstage at "Building a Brand Through Community" during the 2023 SXSW Conference And Festival at the Austin Convention Center on March 14, 2023 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/FilmMagic)

Shepard and wife Kristen Bell have never been shy about talking to their daughters about sex. The Veronica Mars star told Us Weekly back in Sept. 2018 exactly how they approached the convo on the birds and the bees with their daughters.

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“We said, ‘Well, mom has a vagina, and dad has a penis and there’s sperm, and an ovum and then they connect and it makes a baby,” she said, very matter-of-factly. “Truly, by the second sentence, they had walked outside.”

And back when the girls were just 2 and 4, Bell revealed that they had walked in on their parents doing the deed. “It’s OK. It’s how they were made,” Bell quipped during an interview with The Talk. She added that this situation did require a little white lie: “Mommy and Daddy are just going to take a nap for a few more minutes.” It happens!

Need pointers on how to talk about sex with your kids? Here’s how some of our favorite celebs address “the talk” in their households.

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