Critics Claim Heather Rae El Moussa Favors Her Son Over Her Stepkids — But There’s a Simple Explanation

Like all moms, ever, Heather Rae El Moussa is tired of hearing that she has a favorite child. Or, more specifically, that she favors her son Tristan, 4 months, with husband Tarek El Moussa, over his kids Taylor, 12, and Brayden, 7, who he shares with ex-wife Christina Hall. The Selling Sunset star opened up about the mom shaming she’s received due to her Tristan-filled Instagram grid, and her explanation is actually super reasonable.

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In an interview with, Heather Rae explained that she often gets comments from people asking where her other kids are when she posts pictures of Tristan. And her answer? “Taylor and Brayden are in school all day, and I’m home with Tristan. I can capture moments with Tristan easily,” she told the outlet.

Um, duh! It’s easy to take millions of pictures of baby when you are literally with them 24/7 — and that has nothing to do with how much you love your kids. It’s seriously so frustrating that we have to go over this.

  • Tarek El Moussa & Christina Hall Share 50/50 Custody

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    Heather Rae also told that Tarek and Hall share 50/50 custody over the kids, so when they aren’t in school, she still only sees them half the time. Not to mention, they are busy outside of school hours, too.

    “They’re also busy with sports and tutoring — they always have something going on. I blink and it’s 8 o’clock at night,” Heather Rae added. “So when we’re all together, the last thing I’m doing is standing around taking photos with all three kids.” 

  • The Older Kids Don’t Always Want Their Picture Taken!

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    Also, the older kids don’t always want their picture taken. “[Taylor]’s a teenager now and she’ll be like, ‘I don’t love my hair in that picture,’ ‘Please don’t post that one,’” Heather Rae explained. And because she is a decent human being, Heather Rae respects her choice and doesn’t post her. Again, this is because of how much she loves her, not the opposite!

  • Heather Rae Gets Mom Shamed for Having Babysitters

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    Heather Rae is a busy working mom, and she also gets shamed for having help with baby Tristan. 

    “As a working mother, I need to be able to have help so that I can do the things that I need to do. I’m very proud of what I do, but I need help,” she told “I can’t do everything. I’m not Superwoman and I can’t be in two places at one time.”

    Preach it, girl! It takes a village, no matter what you do for work, and shame on those who made Heather Rae feel bad for leaning on her community to help. 

    “No one should get shamed for needing help,” she added.  “The mom guilt is already strong. I do have to leave Tristan — it’s already hard enough as it is, and to get shamed on top of it for having a nanny? It’s not OK.”

    Next time you feel like mom shaming someone, maybe take a deep breath, log off, and go for a walk. Then come back and mind your own damn business. Moms go through enough, and we definitely don’t need someone making us feel bad. 

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