Critics Attacking Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Parenting Choices for the Summer Are So Out of Line

When you’re in the public eye, critics are bound to pick apart everything you do, especially those in the British Royal family. Some say a lot of critiques are warranted, while others disagree entirely; however, there’s a criticism that Prince William and Kate Middleton are facing that we’re sure everyone will agree is totally out of line.

As many loyal royal fans know, most of the British royal family is visiting Balmoral Castle for the summer, a place held dearly to the late Queen Elizabeth II (and it’s the first summer without her so the family is staying there to honor her memory)! When news broke of this, it became clear that William and Kate would be staying there for a “special week” with their children and later, they’d dedicate more time to their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

However, we’re nearing the end of Aug, and critics are allegedly peeved with the Prince and Princess of Wales for spending so much time with their children. Yup, you read that right.

BRACKNELL, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 07: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (C), accompanied by their parents the Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, arrive for a settling in afternoon at Lambrook School, near Ascot on September 7, 2022 in Bracknell, England. The family have set up home in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor’s Home Park as their base after the Queen gave them permission to lease the four-bedroom Grade II listed home. (Photo by Jonathan Brady – Pool/Getty Images)

The couple has made it clear over the years that they intend to be fully hands-on parents (and have broken royal protocol multiple times because of this). Due to this, they have repeatedly dedicated their summer to spending time with their kids before school starts. And because of this, they haven’t been out to as many royal events, and allegedly, both members of the monarchy and royal experts are upset about this.

Royal expert Richard Palmer thinks taking months away from work could be a bad look. “I do think that is an issue for them as well. They’re very popular, they’re a huge asset to the UK, but there have been eyebrows raised in other parts of the royal household about the amount of time they’re not doing official engagements,” Palmer said.

However, he did note that: “The Princess of Wales has made it clear that her children will remain her priority for the foreseeable future and when you hear William and Harry talking about his childhood and how their father was always at his desk or away somewhere, you can perhaps understand why that is a priority.”

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Is it a luxury to be able to do so? Of course, 100 percent and it’d be ridiculous to claim otherwise; but that’s not the issue. Many people across the board are basically upset that William and Kate are focusing more on their own children, rather than royal duties, despite insiders spilling that they’d be planning their summer like this.

William and Kate share three children named Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

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