Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Family Photos Give an Intimate Peek Into Their Luxe Lifestyle

If you scroll through Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram feed, it’s almost entirely action shots of him on the soccer field. Which makes sense considering the Portuguese soccer player is one of the GOATs. Every once in a while, though, we get a glimpse into his family life, and boy do we love to see it. Ronaldo posted a photo on Instagram yesterday with his girlfriend and four of his five kids with the caption, “My life♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.”

Ronaldo has a 13-year-old son Cristiano who he shares with a previous partner. He then welcomed twins Eva and Matteo in July 2017 via surrogate. He started dating his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez just months before their birth, and a few weeks after, he announced that he and Rodriguez were expecting. In Nov. 2017, they welcomed Alana. In Oct. 2021, the couple shared they had twins on the way. Tragically, in April 2022, Ronaldo shared the heartbreaking news that one of the twins, Angel, had died. “Only the birth of our baby girl [Bella] gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness,” Ronaldo said at the time.

In Ronaldo’s photo, the family is at a Renaissance Theater in Saudi Arabia, which — according to the sign they’re standing in front of — is “the world’s most luxurious cinema.” Not too shabby! Rodriguez then shared a carousel showing off more of the family’s recent outings.

“Shopping & cinema with my loves 💘,” she captioned the photos that started with the same picture. There is then a video of the six inside the theater, lounging on what looks to be the comfiest chair-bed hybrids. Rodriguez also posted a photo of Eva, Matteo, and Alana standing in the mall with their dad, a selfie of her and Bella, and a snapshot of Bella looking adoringly at a shelf full of Bluey toys.

Someone get her a toy version of the beloved cartoon dog, please and thank you!

This luxe life is nothing new for the adorable Ronaldo kids. A couple weeks ago, Rodriguez shared a precious (and hilarious) photo of Eva, Matteo, and Alana getting their hair washed at a spa. They also have the coolest $2,500 dune buggy. But don’t get it twisted, this family of seven seems so down to earth. Look how happy and laid back they were at the beach in Portugal. Look how much these kids love their parents and each other. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

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Hey Ronaldo, please don’t stop sharing snapshots of your beautiful life and your beautiful family. Your crew is total *ahem* goals.

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