Coco Austin Gets Blasted for *Checks Notes* Kissing Her Daughter — & Critics Need To Find a New Hobby

People love to hate on Coco Austin like it’s their part-time job. The reality TV star shares 7-year-old daughter Chanel with husband Ice-T, and it seems like she can’t do anything without drawing some major criticism. A recent video of her swimming with her daughter and giving her a kiss — yes, seriously — is the latest to draw backlash, and we are so tired of mom-shaming.

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Austin posted a cute underwater video on Instagram over the weekend, where she swims up to Chanel in the pool, then hugs her and gives her a kiss. It’s an innocent and cute clip, which Austin says was “fun” to make.

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“Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater ..” she wrote in the caption. “Chanel just loves kissing her mama doesn’t she? She is adorable ..She is my obsession #motherdaughterlove #mermaids.”

But because mom-shamers apparently have nothing better to do — and they have something against parental affection, maybe? — they came out in full force.

  • The Comments

    Image Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

    Some people were actually mad about Austin kissing her daughter in the comments section. 

    “The kissing thing is a bit weird though,” one person judgily commented, which racked up over 300 likes. 

    “The kissing is weirddddddd im sorry not sorry,” someone else wrote. 

    Another said, “This is too much, I think giving your child a lil kiss on the lip is a loving & a healthy way to show affection…BUT holding the kiss for longer then a sec is too much and goes over the line.” Sorry, who are you to judge the way a mother shows love to her daughter? Seriously, it’s OK if it’s less than “a sec” but suddently “over the line” if it’s any longer? We didn’t realize only seconds separated someone from being a loving mom from a bad one (we’re obviously rolling our eyes right now.) 

    Newsflash, people: it’s OK to give your child a kiss. Luckily, many other people defended Austin. 

    “Some of y’all in the comments grew up in households with zero affection & it makes me really sad for y’all 😢,” one person wrote. 

    “Showing love and affection with your children is so important for their mental health!! Wish their wasn’t such a stigma about showing affection in past generations! Love this! 🥰” someone else commented. 

    Another person said, “Leave her alone. Ya oversexualize everything ppl make it weird because their minds go there.. it’s nothing wrong with a mother kissing her daughter. It’s innocent ya attack her anything she post! I love their relationship ❤️🤍❤️🤍.”

  • Coco Austin Was Recently Shamed for Her Swimsuit

    Image Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Feld Entertainment

    A few days before this swimming video, the model was shamed online for the swimsuit she wore. 

    She shared a post of her sexy multi-colored bikini look on Instagram, writing, ““Trying to get my last Summer days in… #poolside #swimsuitlover. Video in linktree #bio #of.” 

    There’s nothing wrong with feeling confident in your body! Unless of course, you’re Coco Austin, apparently. The comments were super rude, with one person writing, “Your a mother now grow up you ain’t all that.” (Um, did we learn nothing from Keke Palmer’s boyfriend?!) 

  • Ice-T Defends Their Parenting

    Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

    Recently, Ice-T made comments defending his and Austin’s parenting style. 

    “We do our parenting,” he told PEOPLE. “I think the thing of it is, it’s Ice-T and Coco. Our parenting is a lot different than the normal, square couple from Oklahoma. I’m a f-ing rock star, it’s different.”

    “We’re like the Osbournes,” Ice-T added. “We have a different dynamic in our house. But it’s not harmful. That’s the main thing. It’s us.”

    Exactly. And everyone else needs to back off. 

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